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Every traveller gets prepared for a new trip in advance. If you have never been in the capital of Malta and want to do that, we recommend you to find tickets and think over a route with interesting places at least one month before the trip. Also, decide how you will get a hotel from the airport. The more comfortable your transport is, the more wonderful impressions you will have. Use our transfer booking service: make a request on the website and we will find the car which meets all your requirements.

How to get the capital? The only airport in the country is situated 5 km away from the city. Nevertheless the airdrome “Luqa” (it is located near Luqa town) is small, it accommodates international and local flights. You can get Valetta by the bus X4 a terminal point of which is the railway station. If you don’t want to waste time waiting for public transport, book a transfer and a driver will be already waiting for you at the airport when your aircraft lands.

Valetta is a small capital of Malta on the north-eastern coast. The city area is 0,8 km², therefore, you can explore all the places of Valetta in one trip. The entire city is a fortress founded by Jean de la Valette-Parisot in the XVI century. By the way, the local architecture is in the UNESCO Heritage List.

What else to see in Valetta? If we are talking about specific places, you may be interested to visit Fort Saint Elmo of the XVI century — the main fortification with barracks and defensive walls with bastions. Since 2015 the Military museum is open for visitors, festivals with medieval costumes and demonstrations of the National Guards. Visit also the Grandmaster's Palace. In the largest building of Valetta, there are the Armory, the Masters’ Residence Museum and today’s President Residence. Also, don’t forget to visit Auberge de Castille which is the property of today’s Prime Minister. Be sure to visit St John's Co-Cathedral with beautiful murals and paintings.

Beach season in summer is the best time to visit Malta. Nevertheless, local weather is comfortable throughout the year and there are no cold winters. Long city walks even in the cold season won’t make you uncomfortable.

Malta is a small island country with beautiful nature. Go along the coast and you will find a lot of amazing beaches: quiet, noisy and for sports activities. Try windsurfing, dive with a diving mask or just sunbathe in a lagoon. To explore the entire island, rent a car with a driver in Valetta. Travel more and with comfort!