Transfer in Kaliningrad

Being in Königsberg (Kaliningrad), it is worth looking into the Fish Village, recreated from the old sketches of the German quarter. To inspect the Forts "Stein", "Bronzart" at the exit towards Gurievsk or "King Friedrich Wilhelm III", which covered the road to Baltiysk. Arrange yourself an excursion around the castle of Insterburg, the fortress of Pilau and the Mühlhausen kirche. On the territory of the famous Rosgarten gate is the Museum of Amber. An interesting exposition is located in the Museum of the World Ocean: a real lighthouse, a submarine and a captain's chopping. The surroundings of Kaliningrad are amazing in themselves. Especially the Curonian Spit. Seashore, next is Dancing forest and sand dunes with golden shine. Many attractions are far from each other, so it's convenient to book a transfer in Kaliningrad or rent a bus if you travel by company.

Interesting to visit the castle of Königsberg or the Royal Palace. Previously, the knights of the Teutonic Order lived here. Another interesting construction of the Church of the Holy Family, now the building is the Concert Hall. The secret symbol of the city among the local is the Palmburg Bridge, built in 1938.

Public transport is presented in the form of minibuses and buses, as well as trams. The first line was laid in 1895. In the city there are only two: special, sightseeing, and ordinary, passenger. Not so long ago, built a ground metro. Rent a car with a driver in Kaliningrad, too, is provided, especially on the eve of the World Cup in 2018.

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