Transfer from St. Petersburg to Igora

Igora is a ski resort in the Leningrad region. Every year, more than one hundred thousand guests visit the sports complex to ride the slopes and relax in the local spa. In January, the ATSX 500 World Cup downhill skating championship and the Heroes Race are held here. For 12 years, Igora has become a very popular holiday destination for residents and tourists.

The gentle slopes №1-3 will be appreciated by beginners, lovers will enjoy riding the tracks №5-7, the pros will conquer №8 and №9. There are more than 9 tracks with a total length of up to 1,200 meters. The maximum elevation difference is up to 116 meters. Chairlifts provide comfortable movement between sports tracks and a variety of routes. In Igora there is a ski school where instructors teach children and adults daily during the season. For beginners, training slopes are built separately.

In Igora, all conditions for an active and varied holiday. Guests can enjoy spa treatments, go to the Russian and Finnish baths, swim in the pool. In the evening there is a cinema, a bowling alley and an entertainment and play area for children. The Ice Palace was built on the territory of the resort, where you can learn to curling or go ice skating.

Many tourists go to the resort from St. Petersburg. This is the nearest major city, which is located 77 kilometers from the sports center.

How to get from St. Petersburg to Igora?

By bus 1 hour 40 minutes
Three express trains run to the resort: №859 and №897 from the Devyatkino metro station and №960 from the Parnas stop.
By train 2 hours
From the Finland Station, trains run daily to Sosnovo, Priozersk and Kuznechnoye. You need to get off at Igora station, from there, walk for 20 minutes or order a transfer.
Car rental 1 hour 25 minutes
In order not to waste time on the way and not make several transfers, we recommend rent a car . See advance with the route and make a comfortable trip from St. Petersburg to Igora.
On transfer 1 hour 15 minutes
Book a transfer from St. Petersburg to Igora through It is more convenient than public transport. You don't need to adjust to the schedule, carry the equipment yourself and go on foot to the resort. The driver will arrive on time, help with the luggage and quickly deliver to the destination.