Transfer from Montreux to Leisen

Leisen is the sunniest ski resort in Switzerland, located 10 kilometers from Lake Geneva. Two hundred years ago there was a medical sanatorium here. Today it is a favorite place for recreation and skiing. It is best to come to Leisen from mid-December to the end of March, when the weather is fine and rarely snow falls. Trails remain clean and smooth.

The resort will appeal to skiers with any experience. Of the 60 kilometers of tracks, 5 kilometers are black, 25 are red, 30 are blue, and 5 are green. Near the peaks are ski schools, parks for snowboarders.

We recommend a few days to go for a walk in Leisen County. From the observation platforms of the mountain peaks offers a breathtaking view of Lake Geneva. Drop in at Kuklos, a multi-storey panoramic restaurant located at an altitude of 2048 meters. In addition, it rotates around its axis and is a symbol of the resort.

The most convenient way to Leisen is from Montreux. The distance between them is more than 35 kilometers.

How to get from Montreux to Leisin?

By bus -
There are no buses between the resort and the city. Use other public transport or order a transfer.
By train 1 hour 15 minutes
From the Montreux train station, trains №90, №100 and №2 run every 30 minutes every 30 minutes. You need to get off at the Aigle station. There, change to the 77-Y express. He walks once an hour. In 20 minutes you will be at the resort.
Rent a car 50 minutes
Rent a car and travel without transplants. Save your time on the way, without adjusting to the public transport schedule.
On transfer 40 minutes
Book your transfer from Montreux to Leisin at This is the most convenient way to travel to the resort. The transfer should be non-stop, and you do not need to make a transfer, as if you took the train. Travel without obstacles around the world.