Transfer from Zurich to Zermatt

Zermatt is located on the slopes of the snowy Alps, at the foot of the famous for skiers peak Matterhorn. The resort is popular with tourists from all over the world in winter and summer. In cold weather tourist go to skiing and snowboarding, in summer they prefer photo tours and gastronomic excursions.

Zermatt has been repeatedly recognized as the best resort in the Alps. The length of the tracks with the Italian Cervinia is 360 km. The lift can climb to a height of 3883 km: here you can see the famous peaks of the Alps.

Zermatt is located in the South of the Canton of Valais, near the border with Italy. Therefore, you can get the resort from the Swiss cities (Zurich, Geneva) and the Italian resort of Cervinia. Below is the information: how to get from Zurich to Zermatt.

Ways to get from Zurich to Zermatt:

By bus 4 hours 10 minutes

There are no direct messages, so you will have to make 4 transplants. From the Zermatt bus station, buy a ticket for the "Bâle - Hub Europe Alsa" route. Leave the bus at the Berne. The journey time is 70 minutes, the buses run every hour.

Neufeld at the bus stop wait for bus №11. At Bahnhof station, go to the train station and take the line 8 train to Visp station. As on the previous route, go to 30-Y.

By train from 3 hours 10 minutes
Every 4 hours from Zürich HB station trains goes to Visp station, where you need to change to the 30-Y train to Zermatt station. Travel time will be on the first route 2 hours and on the second it will be 1 hour 10 minutes.
By rented car from 3 hours 40 minutes
Roads to resorts in Switzerland are paid. Rent a car even with a driver is unprofitable. You can not get the Zermatt by car, as it is considered a “resort without cars». The distance between Zurich and Zermatt is 216 kilometers.
By transfer 3 hours 40 minutes
Transfer is the most convenient and fastest way for skiers, as it does not require direct transfers. Most tourists prefer a transfer from Zurich to Zermatt, as from the car Windows you can see the most fascinating Alpine scenery.