Transfer in Gagra

Gagra is the most famous resort in Abkhazia. Beautiful beaches and the Black Sea attract tourists who prefer not luxurious hotels but calm vacation in guest houses or ecotourism.

If you plan to visit Gagra, remember there are no airports in Abkhazia. The closest one is in Adler. From there you can get to Abkhazia by bus or car. As public transport is irregular it’s better to book a transfer. The road will take about an hour.

The main reason people come to the country is a unique nature and amazing beaches. In XX century Gagra was popular with famous artists. Bunin, Chekhov, Shalyapin and Gorky used to spend time here. Even the last emperor of Russia spend a vacation here.

What to see in Gagra? Alas, not all the landmarks remain today. During its 2000-years lifetime, Gagra has suffered severe damage. But the main landmark - the V century Abaata church –– still stands. The castle of prince of Oldenburg stands in Primorsky park which serves as home to more than 400 plant species. During the USSR Gagra was considered a national health resort and was equipped with all the facilities for the Party members. Take a walk around the Old City and enjoy the architecture of the Winter Theatre with the entrance guarded by two golden lions.

The old and the new city is separated by the river. The new one has all the cultural landmarks while the old one –– all the households and apartments. It is also where the Centra Market located which serves as a substitute for shops in Gagra. You can always find cheap fruit and vegetables. As the transport structure is not developed enough in the city, it’s better to use a taxi.

Gagra is the warmest resort of the Black Sea. Local climate is dry and warm and the mountains serve as protection from the winds. The temperature rarely goes below 0 °C in January.

The local nature is very beautiful. Book a car with a driver in Gagra to go on a self-planned tour on local nature. The terrain is filled with rivers and waterfalls. Just 50 km away from the city the lake of Rica is located. On the way there, you can see the beech forest transforms into pine one, which, in turn, swap with alpine meadows and snowy peaks. Here you can visit the deepest cave in the world (2196 m) and the shortest river in the world (18 m). You can also travel by car to the Samshit Grove, New Aphon or even go to Sukhumi.