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Batumi is the capital of the Georgian republic of Adjara, welcomes tourists with the affectionate sun, salty air and the famous hospitality of local residents. The port city differs from Tbilisi with its original architecture and unique attractions. For several decades, there was a mixture of color, sound and form. To make the trip comfortable, book a transfer to Batumi through the service, enjoying what is happening. After all, improvisation prevails in Georgia.

Batumi is the main resort of Georgia, located on the eastern coast of the Black Sea on the border with Turkey. It is a well-kept, modern and dynamic city, known not only for its clean beaches, but also for its many attractions. Thanks to its rich history and good tourist service, travelers from all over the world come here. In addition to relaxing at the seaside, excursions, here are engaged in water sports or diving.

The city center is a long promenade. There are cafes and souvenir shops. On the square Europe there are musical fountains and Medea sculpture.

In Batumi churches of numerous denominations are presented. The monastery Surb Prkch, the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Church of St. Nicholas are popular.

South of Batumi are fragments of the fortress of Gonio, the structure of the Roman Empire. The attraction is 18 towers with observation platforms.

Required for visiting natural reserves, in particular the Botanical Garden, where rare plant species bloom. The Ardagan lake is complemented by light-musical fountains and cozy restaurants of local cuisine. And in the territory where the lake Nurigel is located, an aquarium with a dolphinarium was built, boat stations operate.

The Stalin Museum and the Adjarian Art Gallery attract the attention of tourists. In the first is the personal belongings of the Soviet leader are kept, and in the second is an extensive collection of works by Pirosmani and Akhvlediani is presented. In the Batumi Archaeological Museum there is a collection of jewelry art. If you want to feel the fresh wind, see the snow-covered hills, we recommend to go to Gudauri, a popular ski resort.

Public transport: buses, taxis and minibuses. The first go from the center and to the most distant quarters of the city. The second are ubiquitous and cover most of the streets and districts. If you don’t know how to get to Batumi, then book a transfer. Because the taxi is divided into official and unofficial. And about payment it is necessary to specify in advance, since drivers do not have counters. BatumVelo bicycle rental system is actively developing.

Georgia is an amazing country with an original culture, delicious food and excellent climate. Book a transfer to Batumi Airport through, so that the trip is comfortable.