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Dublin is a city of ancient architecture and majestic natural landscapes. There are almost no modern glass buildings and business-like activity or haste inherent in world capitals. But many well-kept parks and reserves. Tourists come here to be part of the merry festivities and to be imbued with a friendly atmosphere. How to get to Dublin if you travel a large company? Book a transfer at, the driver will wait in advance for you in the arrival zone.

The capital of the Republic of Ireland is located on the east coast of the island of the same name. In the XIII century on this territory there was Dublin Castle, and then the St. Patrick's Cathedral, the patron saint of the country. In the middle of March, on the Feast of the Saints, a holiday with dances and songs is arranged. With the culture and history of Ireland you can meet at the National Museum. The entrance is free.

The center of the Liffey River is divided into two parts: southern and northern. Many attractions are in the first. In the second is modern areas, as well as Trinity College and the University of Dublin is the oldest educational institution built in the XVI century.

About life and way of life the Vikings are told in the museum "Dublin". Here you can try on their clothes and take part in staging battles. It is worth to visit a permanent exhibition about leprechauns, small green wizards and participants of Irish folklore. The halls are furnished with huge furniture among the fairy forest.

After a busy excursion program, you can relax in the National Botanical Garden. On its territory, rare species of shrubs are grown and even create live pictures of flowers. The entrance is free.

The streets of Temple Bar are considered a legendary and compulsory place for tourists. This is the concentration of restaurants with national cuisine, pubs and bars.

Irish people move around the city on buses, trams, trains and express railroad express trains. The taxi isn’t popular because of the high cost of travel. The public transport is open from 06:00 to 23:30. Tickets are purchased from the driver or in the vending machines at the stops. Buses and trams connect the center with distant neighborhoods and neighborhoods. Also on the main tourist routes are double-decker buses.

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