Transfer in Wroclaw

Wroclaw is one of the ancient Poland cities which recently celebrated the 1000 years anniversary. This city is located on the south-west of the country and even has its own airport 10km away from the city. Wroclaw airport receives planes from all around the world. However, the most popular way to get to Wroclaw is from the capital. It can be done either by bus or by train. The road to Warsaw takes about 5 hours. To make your travels easier, book a transfer. It is the fastest way and most comfortable way to get to your destination.

When planning a vacation, pay attention to weather conditions in Wroclaw. Local climate is mild and continental. Winter here is rather warm. If you plan a trip in October or November, don’t forget an umbrella as during these months the rain is most intense.

What to see in Wroclaw? The city stands on 5 rivers, with 112 bridges connecting all the 12 islands the city consists of. The city surrounded in mystery and legends. It is said the gnomes live under the city. More than 400 of their little bronze statues are spread around the city. When walking around the city, be sure to visit the Old City. There are many medieval houses and municipal buildings. Organize a tour of the Old City or take a ride in a gondola. Visit the churches of Maria Magdalena and St. Elizabeth. From their towers, you can enjoy a majestic view of the city. After that, go to the Cathedral Island - one of the most important Wroclaw landmarks.

After an intense sightseeing, go to a restaurant. Be sure to taste Polish cuisine which preserves the ancient cooking traditions.

If just Wroclaw is not enough for you, travel around the suburbs where many medieval castles, like Chojnika, Karpnika or Bolkuwa, are located. Do not forget to visit the mountains as part of the Karpatas range is on the Poland territory. To enjoy all Poland has to offer, try to book a car with a driver in Wroclaw.