Transfer in Sighişoara

Sighişoara is a small town in Romania, founded in the XIII century. It has no airport, but there are other ways to get to Sighişoara. You can go there by train from major Romanian cities like Bucharest, Brasov, Shibui, Cluj-Napoca, Arady or from neighbouring countries such as the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria.

Sighişoara is divided into two parts: Upper Town and Lower Town. All the main attractions are in the first district, but the Lower Town is no less interesting — there are old churches and beautiful buildings as well.

The main attraction in Sighişoara is the Clock Tower of the 13th century. It now houses the Historical Museum, the largest museum in Transylvania. Due to its size, many people call it Sighişoara Castle. By the way, from there you can enjoy a great panoramic view.

Public transport is poorly developed. But taxi in Sighişoara is inexpensive and you can use it instead.

Around Sighişoara there are many Romanian villages that are worth to visit. In Bjortan you will find a 15th-century Gothic church, and in Dumbraveni you will learn how the Armenian settlers lived in Romania in the 17th century. Also, in the vicinity of Sighişoara, you will find many famous castles: Bran Castle, Peles Palace, Corvin Castle, and others. Direct buses and trains do not go to these castles, but you can get there by changing trains in Brasov or by renting a car in Sighişoara. It will save you a couple of hours.

The best time for visiting is summer. If you can’t stand the heat, don’t worry, the town is very green and there are many places where you can hide in the shade. By the way, at the last weekend of July Sighişoara hosts an international festival of medieval art. There you can feel the atmosphere of an ancient holiday and buy souvenirs from local masters. Different performances and contests are organized for visitors. The days of the festival are very busy in Sighişoara, so if you want to visit it at this time, book in advance. The tourist season ends at the end of October when Halloween, the second most popular holiday, takes place.

Sighişoara is a Romanian town that is worth to visit. Think over your trip, ways of transportation and travel with comfort!