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Sochi is the most popular resort in the south of Russia. Before the 2014 Winter Olympics, the city's infrastructure was modernized. Many large-scale projects were created that attract tourists all year round. The modern part of the city passes along the eastern coast of the Black Sea. Within the Greater Sochi are also suburbs: Adler, Lazarevskoye, Khosta, Matsesta, Dagomys and Krasnaya Polyana. You can find transfer prices in Sochi on

The reason for the large tourist flow in Sochi is unambiguous. Everyone goes to rest on the so-called "Russian Riviera". Pebble beaches are divided into wild, public and private. The water is very clean, but there are no deck chair and showers on the wild beaches. Public beaches are usually free and seasonally crowded, but there is all the necessary infrastructure. Private beaches are located on the territory of hotels and boarding houses. Some of them can be accessed by paying at the entrance, or simply becoming a hotel lodger.

Divers in Sochi may not like it as much as on the Great Barrier Reef. There is no exotic flora and fauna. But there are many underwater caves and sunken ships with real treasures on the Black Sea coast. Beginners can take training courses and under the supervision of experienced instructors for the first time sink to the depth.

Talking about the sights of the city worth a visit the park "Riviera", where you can not only relax in the shade of trees. By the way, more than 240 species of trees and shrubs have been planted on the alleys. Children like the Dolphinarium, the Oceanarium, the sea of attractions. It is recommended to walk along the Sochi Dendrarium for those who people like hiking and nature, and with the children - to visit Sochi Park.

The most significant sight for the city is the Olympic Park. Due to the sports and park structure, the southern capital of Russia has become known to the whole world. There is a stadium "Fisht" within the park. It will host the leading football teams, the Olympic Village, where athletes and volunteers lived, as well as the Grand and Small Ice Palaces.

The pearl of Sochi is a ski resort "Rosa Khutor" of world level. Athletes and amateurs come here to ride on excellent trails and enjoy the nature and beauty of the Caucasus Mountains all year round. To get to Rosa Khutor, book a transfer to Sochi airport. The driver will come for you on time and quickly deliver to the hotel.

In addition to the "urban" entertainment, it is worth to go on an excursion to nature: the mountains of Agyepst and Ahun, Dzykhryn gorge, Ahshtyrskaya cave and many others. You can book an excursion or rent a car with a personal driver in Sochi on So you will not be attached to time and travel without barriers!

In the city, you can travel by bus and minibus, which runs around the city and the suburbs. If you want to know how to get to Sochi railway station, book a transfer to By sea they travel from Sochi to Gagry (Abkhazia), you can climb the mountains by cable cars and cable car.