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Between the Mediterranean and the Balearic Sea is a small island of Mallorca. In its territory there are more than 500 thousand people. At that time, as here arrives to 25 million tourists annually. A few centuries ago, the lands were under the control of Ancient Rome, Byzantium, Aragon and only by the end of the XX century, Spain became officially owned. Book your transfer at, if you don’t know how to get to Palma de Mallorca. Cars undergo technical inspection, and drivers have the necessary documentation for transport.

The resort town has a rich history and many interesting sights. Turquoise water, unspoilt beaches, amazing natural landscapes have become an integral part of Palma de Mallorca. The Royal Family of Spain regularly holds its vacations here.

Narrow streets, Catholic churches, Spanish courtyards, medieval Muslim neighborhoods. For 2000 years there was a mixture of architectural styles, which gives a special charm to the city.

Above one of the numerous bays towers the temple of La-Sen of the XIII century. Next to it stands an ancient Arab fortress, which served as a safe haven from a pirate raid, and the residence of the Almohdain monarchs. In the western part of the island, the unusual Belver Palace is open to visitors. Its structure is made in the form of a circle. Now historical exhibitions and concerts of classical music are held here.

In the quarter of La Seu there are several entertaining museums. For example, the building of the Trade Exchange or the House of the Merchant College, the National Historical Gallery or the Museum of the Diocese. Es Baluard regularly hosts days of contemporary art, where local artists exhibit their works. The Santa Catalina region is distinctive. Multicolored window frames, well-kept flower beds and front gardens, ancient monuments and murals on the walls of houses. Explore the island yourself is rent a car with a driver in Mallorca.

Local residents use buses, metro and taxis. For travelers, special tourist routes are provided, "Hop-On" and "Hop-Off". Working hours from 06:30 to 22:30, on weekends, night flights run. The metro consists of two branches, the western and the eastern direction. A total of 16 stations leading to the distant quarters of the city. Excursion buses make a full circle in Mallorca every 20-30 minutes. Within 80-90 they make 18 stops along the main sights and embankments. Taxis are equipped with counters, drivers speak several languages. You can book a car in advance or catch on the street.

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