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Miami is a city of dreams, entertainment and an important economic center of the United States. The resort is located on the Atlantic coast in Florida. You can get to the center from the airport and other cities by booking a transfer to Miami on

Due to the climate, people with high incomes came here on vacation. Miami is famous for the fact that one of its founders was a woman - Julia Tuttle. The second is the railroad tycoon Henry Flagler, who helped build the railway through Miami. There are abolished the dry law and allowed casinos in 1920 and an attempt on President Roosevelt in 1933. In nowardays in Miami tourists come to visit Miami Beach and in one of the most popular and vibrant areas - Downtown.

Downtown is a kind of Manhattan, only in Miami. Skyscrapers and an infinite number of institutions create a business atmosphere. Diluted is the architecture of the last century: museums and theaters, bridges and other structures. On some skyscrapers there are observation platforms, from where you can see the city in all its glory. Especially fascinating is the 1000-meter SkyRise Miami. In addition, there are extreme attractions: for example, bungee jumping at an altitude of 150 meters.

Brickell is considered an elite area where bankers live and a prosperous population. Every day in the fashionable establishments, clubs and restaurants, "cream of the society" and tourists gather. In Aventura they go to buy American brands, ride a yacht and play in a casino. The famous Biltmore 4 * hotel, built in 1926, is located in the Coral Gables area.

In addition to the prestigious areas of Miami, there are also the poor (Liberty City, Brownsville and others). Walking at night alone is not exactly necessary.

Miami - a real paradise for diving. The underwater world of the Atlantic amazes with the colors of tropical fish and coral reefs, and mysterious underwater expeditions are attached to wrecks. For beach recreation, tourists go to Miami Beach and South Beach. A typical shot from an American film: a convertible car rides along the sunny embankment. Make it happen: rent a car with a personal driver in Miami and enjoy the rest to the full!

In addition to entertainment, you can also be culturally enriched in the art museum of Villa Biskaya, the Kennedy Space Center or go to the play in the theater "Olympia".

To get to anywhere in the city is possible by public transport. Over 100 buses run around the city, some work at night. There is also a ground metro. It was impossible to build a subway because of groundwater. But all 23 stations are equipped with elevators and full infrastructure for comfortable movement, and the windows offer an excellent view of the city. The metro operates from 5 am to 1 night.

There is a separate type of public transport - metromuver. This is the same subway, only free. It connects to the main trains at Brikell and Goverment-Center stations. The first branch of the Metro meteor within the Downtown, the second - north and south.

It is dangerous to take a private taxi, frankly. It is best to use the services of official carriers. The price for the trip is calculated by kilometer and additionally fixed for landing. If you do not know how to get to Miami airport, take a shuttle. At you will know the cost in advance, leaving an application on the site. You will be pleasantly surprised by the prices and "level" of the trip of our carriers! Travel comfortably with!