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Everybody dreams to visit America. Going there on vacation, do not forget to visit Seattle. The city is small, but it includes a Puget suburb (also the name of the system of bays). Direct flights fly from all US cities in Seattle. To avoid finding a taxi at the airport upon arrival or crowding in public transport, book a transfer to Seattle on By filling out an application on the site, you can choose the class of the car and offer your price for the trip.

Seattle is in a picturesque corner of Washington State. It is surrounded by the Olympus Mountains and Lake Washington in the west, by There is the Puget Gulf system in the north. Also the Newcastle Hills and Lake Sammamish is in the east of the city. There are not only unique natural conditions, but also a developed infrastructure and a high standard of living., the main offices of such famous companies are located in Seattle. It is Amazon, Microsoft and Boeing. The Boeing organization is a key figurant in the region's economy. In the suburbs there is a factory, where Boeing 787 is assembled, as well as about 3 thousand suppliers. By the way, in 1971 the first Starbucks coffee house appeared on the Pike Marketplace market, which is so popular now all over the world. The coffee shop is still working, why not go there for breakfast on one of the holidays? In the marketplace sell farm products, souvenirs, antiques and much more. Tourists will be interested to visit local cafes and restaurants. But the main feature of the place is daily concerts and performances from street actors and musicians.

Skyscrapers in Seattle are also many, as in Chicago. The Space-Needle Tower, built in 1962 for the World Exhibition, is also symbolic. Today, cultural events, city exhibitions and other significant events take place here. The largest skyscraper is the Columbia Center with a height of 284.4 meters. If we talk about famous sights, then they can be attributed to the University of Washington. It is the citadel of science and the city in the city. Its building is a massive castle with green lawns, where students spend their free time and prepare for classes. Visiting museums - I must "must do" any journey. Go on an excursion to the reserve "Gold Rush on the Klondike", art gallery, oceanarium, museum of the history of music and science fiction. Rent a car with a driver in Seattle to visit every area of the city and have time to see every attraction.

All kinds of entertainment in Seattle can be found in the districts of Yu-District and Capitol Hill. In Puget many places for active pastime. You can go camping in the National Park Olympic. On the ferry from here they go to the Vashon Islands and Bainbridge, where you can leisurely enjoy a beach holiday.

Moving between the center and the suburbs can be done by bus. Trams, trolleybuses, monorail trains run between the regions. Among the last type of transport there are also high-speed RapidRide. Tickets are bought from the driver. In addition to ferries, there is a water taxi. If you do not know how to get to Seattle Airport, use the transfer service at