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If you have never been in Pattaya, start your holiday here. This small town will offer everyone an immense amount of entertainment and recreation, as well as leave many impressions from the holiday "in a paradise corner" of hot Thailand. To get to your destination, book a transfer in Pattaya Airport on In the application, specify the flight number: so the carrier will be able to track the arrival time of the aircraft.

Pattaya is a resort town on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. It is worth starting to be acquainted with Thailand from here. Pattaya is low prices, all-inclusive hotels, tropical fruits, diving and +40°C. The capital of Thailand Bangkok is in 160 kilometers from Pattaya. You can go there by bus without air conditioning and full of tourists. If you want to avoid this situation, rent a car with a personal driver in Pattaya.

The area for Thai guests is located between Sukhumvit Road leading to Bangkok and the sea. However, there is no such entertainment for foreigners in the north of the city. You can go to cafe and buy some presents, paying a little less than in the tour zone.

The main tourist attraction is Walking Street. During the day, you can take a leisurely stroll, buy souvenirs or have an inexpensive lunch at a local restaurant. But closer to sunset party people go to nightclubs and bars. Visiting Buddhist temples is «must do’s» for any vacation. Go to the Great Buddha Hill, where the architectural complex with the same name is located. If you want, you can talk with the monks. The Temple of Truth is no less atmospheric. It is located on Cape Rachvate. A garden, numerous cafes and shops surround the shrine.

If you want to see other countries without going outside Thailand, visit Mini Siam. It is a miniature world of sights, in which the Eiffel Tower, the pyramids, London Bridge, the Cathedral of the Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary and many others are located. Nearby is the Bottle Museum: in 300 exhibits there are also copies of the symbols of the countries of the world, but in a smaller size.

In the south of the city, usually stop for a family holiday. The beaches are clean, and the noisy bars are smaller in several times. One minus: the prices for accommodation and entertainment are higher.

A number of islands surrounds Pattaya. No need to go to Phuket and Koh Samui. Around the islands, the beaches and the sea are very clean. Lovers of active lifestyle go there for snorkeling, surfing, water skiing and many other activities. Diversify your vacation and go on a water transfer in Pattaya to Ko Phai, Ko-Lan and Phi Phi. Recreation will not be as luxurious as expected, but rather budgetary.

Walking around the city on foot is not always convenient. Especially popular with locals and visitors of the city is a moto-taxi, in principle, as in all of Thailand. With the breeze you can get anywhere in the city and even get to the other. To ride a tuk-tuk is worth at least once to feel like a real resident of the southern country. The most comfortable option is renting a car with a driver in Pattaya. You can make a route and even draw on the map, and then, after visiting the selected places, mark in your check-list a tick.

The main thing in the trip: correctly drawn up route, booked hotel and transfer.