Transfer in Estonia

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Estonia is famous for its resorts all over the world. The country is located in the Baltic States, on the coast of the Gulf of Finland and Riga. Arriving at any of the local airports, book a transfer to Estonia and travel in comfort!

If we talk about the cultural component of the holiday, we should go to Tallinn. This is the capital of Estonia and the town with tourist cards, which adorn the narrow streets with red tiled roofs of houses. The leisurely atmosphere is conducive to Hiking. Usually tourists sign up for day trips to the old center, but for long trips it is best to rent a car. Rent a car with a driver in Estonia will allow you to visit as many attractions as possible: the Singing field, town hall square, Glen castle, Tallinn fortress wall and much more.

The second most important and populous city is Tartu. It is known as the educational center of Estonia: the University of Tartu was founded in the 17th century.

See also: Valga, Pärnu, Kohtla-järve, Narva

Estonia has a lot of lakes, natural springs, medieval castles, spa resorts and picturesque natural landscapes. Of the latter, you should go to the reserves of Endla and Matsalu, as well as go on a yacht to the island of Abruka. In the resort of Narva-Jões there is a developed beach holiday on the banks of the river of the same name, and the Wellness program of mineral water "Auga" is in almost every sanatorium. By the way, the swimming season lasts from June to August. In Haapsalu go to mud treatment: all year round doors are open to visitors in 3 centers: Laine, Bergfeldt and fra Mare. Use the services of transportation of passengers in Estonia to get to the desired place in a comfortable car quickly and without delay.

Estonia is a great holiday destination. Every year there are more resorts and places for recreation. Coming here, do not forget to book a transfer in Estonia to comfortably get anywhere in the country. Travel with!