Transfer in Estonia

Estonia is world famous for its resorts. The country is located in the Baltic States, on the coast of the Gulfs of Finland and Riga. If you are coming here on vacation, book your airport or railway station transfer a couple of weeks before your trip to Estonia. This way you will save on taxi and will be certain that you will be picked up.

If we talk about the cultural component of your visit, you should go to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. The leisurely atmosphere of the city stimulates walking. Usually, tourists sign up for day trips around the old centre, but for longer trips, they prefer renting a car. Rent a car with a driver in Estonia that will allow you to visit as many attractions as possible: The song festival grounds, town hall square, castle Glen and the Tallinn wall.

The second largest city is Tartu, known as the educational center of Estonia. University of Tartu was founded in the XVII century.

See also: Valga, Pärnu, Kohtla-Jarve, Narva

Estonia has many lakes, natural springs, medieval castles, Spa resorts, and picturesque natural landscapes. We recommend driving to the Endla and Matsalu nature reserves, as well as sailing to the island of Abruka. The river resort Narva-Yiyesu, named after the river where it is located, offers beach activities, the Wellness program with mineral water "Auga" is available in all local resorts. The swimming season lasts from June to August. Haapsala is famous for its mud treatments. 3 wellness centers are opened all year round: Laine, Bergfeldt, and Fra Mare. Take advantage of passenger transportation services in Estonia to get quickly and without delay to the desired location.

Estonia is a great place for vacationing. The number of resorts and places for recreation grows with each year. Upon your arrival, do not forget to book a transfer in Estonia to comfortably get anywhere in the country.