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Planning to visit one of the oldest countries in the world, prepare for the trip thoroughly: think through the excursion route, book a hotel room and don't forget to book a transfer in India on the site The driver will meet you at the airport and help carry the luggage.

India is a mysterious country, where luxury of palaces adjoins to dilapidated houses. Against the backdrop of majestic mountain peaks and jungles, ancient temples have been built, and nearby there are bazaars where they sell spices, fabrics, ornaments and household utensils. Tourists are looking for harmony and enlightenment, so don't be surprised if you see a group of people sitting in a lotus position and meditating at dawn.

Delhi is the capital of India. This is a bright, colorful and contradictory city. The historical center gradually turns into modern. In the first, the main sights are concentrated: Kutub-Minar, the highest minaret, the Humayun temple, the fortress Krasny Fort. New Delhi is considered the official symbol of India of the XXI century. On the streets are fashionable boutiques, shopping and business centers, glass skyscrapers, museums and art galleries. Many travelers arrive for the magnificent Taj Mahal or the City of Swords. If you are vacationing a large company, we recommend using the services of passenger transportation in India.

The climate is equatorial. The change of seasons is determined by monsoons. From April to June, the hot and dry period lasts. The temperature at this time reaches up to +46 ° C. From June to September it rains, and the air becomes +38 ° С. It is best to plan a trip to India from October to the end of March. The temperature is + 30 ° C during the day and + 20 ° C at night. In November, the beach season begins in Goa, and the Himalayan peaks are covered with snow and become an ideal place for snowboarding or downhill skiing.

A special tourist destination are gastronomic trips. The basis of Indian cuisine is spicy-sweet and sour-sweet dishes, generously seasoned with spices. It can be a fish with rice or vegetables with a "puri" cake. The whole world knows such national dishes as curry, chutney, pakora, lentil soup and chicken tandoori.

Renting a car with a driver in India is the most convenient option to get acquainted with this amazing country. You can see many more interesting places. Book a transfer in India through the service and enjoy your vacation.