Transfer to Anjuna

India is an amazing and multifaceted country. In some cities, they study in ashrams, meditate and observe austerity, while in others they actively and have fun. If you want a second more, then pay attention to the Anjuna.

How to get to Anjuna? From the airport you need to buy bus tickets to the railway station "Tivim". From there, daily flights to the city. If you want to get directly to the hotel, we recommend booking a transfer on the service By the way, a visa to Anjuna must be made in advance, preferably 2 weeks before departure.

A popular resort city located in the north of Goa. People come here to swim in the Arabian Sea, sunbathe on snow-white beaches and dance until the morning at the best parties in the state. This is a favorite place of musicians, writers and other creative individuals.

Among the attractions in the center is the church of St. Michael of the XVI century, built by the Portuguese, where services are held every Sunday. There are also two luxurious mansions. The first one erected several octagonal towers, and the roof is lined with rare Mangalore tiles. The second one is decorated with carved balconies and paintings on the walls.

Rent a car with a driver in Anjuna (Goa) to get to Fort Chapora of the XVII century. From here it opens onto the surrounding area. You will see the ruins of fortress walls, barracks, vaults and Muslim memorial stones from the pre-colonial period.

Life in Anjuna continues to seethe at night. Tourists and townspeople go to bars and clubs. The most popular place is the Paradiso Bar, built inside a real cave, from 23:00 to 05:00. In the “Dolce Vita” club live music is played every evening.

Buses is a popular form of public transport in the city. Every day they connect the center with its surroundings or neighboring settlements. Opening hours from 08:00 to 19:30. Very often, they don’t have air conditioning, and the salons are crowded with people. Therefore, many tourists prefer to rent scooters or use the services of a taxi.

If you get to the airport, book your transfer to Anjuna via You will arrive on time, and the road will take no more than an hour.