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Transfer to Uruguay is a great way to travel in the Latin country. If you do not know Spanish (and in some parts and adverbs) it will be difficult to find a taxi. Use the services for passengers in Uruguay on to comfortably get the hotel on car with air conditioning.

Uruguay is a Sunny country which is located in South America on the Atlantic coast. The state is officially divided into 19 departments (regions), but travelers distinguish 4 areas: Central, North, Atlantic coast and Rio del Plata in the South-East.

The Central area is quite: there are agricultural countries for the most part. The center is notable for the fact that the river Rio Negro flows here, which are tourist ferries and ships. The Northern region is interesting for the settlement of Gaucho-Latin American cowboys.

The Atlantic coast is dotted with resort towns. Punta del Este is a favorite holiday destination for foreigners and Uruguayans. Most importantly that all beaches are free, even central beach La Brava. The local landmark is a stone hand half-buried in the sand. It is aimed at the most dangerous place for swimming, which is known to every vacationer. There are a lot of people in Punta del Este in winter, so you can go to another resort. Rent a car with a driver in Uruguay will allow you to get acquainted with the region in full: visit all the remarkable places and the best beaches, as well as get back to the capital or directly to the airport.

The capital of Uruguay-Montevideo is in the region of Rio de La Plata, where most of the population. In the old part of the city preserved monuments that are created in the colonial period. There are excellent sandy beaches in Montevideo, as in Punta del Este. It is worth a visit the ancient city of Colonia del Sacramento.

Another popular city: Maldonado, La Paloma, Punta Del Diablo, Paysandú

The beach season lasts from December to March, but travelers go to Uruguay in January and February, during the Carnival. The festivities last 40 days, with marches of dance, masquerade, musicians and actors taking place in all the cities of Uruguay. This is the most long-awaited time of the year for the guests of the country and the local population, who gather in Montenegro. You can book a transfer in Uruguay to to arrive at the Carnival on time after arrival. Travel in comfort!