Transfer in Uruguay

Transfer in Uruguay is the most comfortable way of traveling in Latin America. It is hard to book a taxi when you don’t speak Spanish. Use passenger transportation services in Uruguay from us. Our service gives the possibility to leave an application in your native language. You can be sure the driver will meet and deliver you quickly to the hotel in an air-conditioned car.

Uruguay is a sunny country in South America on the coast of Atlantic. The country is divided into 19 departments but only 4 areas are interesting for tourists: Center, North, Atlantic Coast and Rio de la Plata.

The Center is rather quiet. The main attraction is the Rio Negro river. In the North, it’s interesting to visit the settlements of gaucho — local cowboys.

The Atlantic Coast is filled with large cities. Punto del Este is believed to be the favorite vacation destination for tourists and locals. All the beaches are free, even the ones in the La Brava zone. The local landmarks include a half-submerged in water stone hand. Everybody knows it points to the most dangerous spot for swimming. In winter, Punto del Este becomes very crowded so it may be wise to choose another resort. If you book a car with a driver in Uruguay, you can enjoy the region to the fullest.

The capital on Montevideo lies in the Rio de la Plata region. The Old City still keeps the monuments that date back to the colonial times. Montevideo also has excellent beaches and an ancient city of Colonia del Sacramento.

Another popular destinations: Maldonado, La Paloma, Punta del Diablo and Paisandu

The beach season is from December to March and people also come here in January and February as it’s carnival time. The carnival lasts 40 days and during this time all the cities of Uruguay celebrate and organize parades, dances and masquerades. It is the most anticipated holiday of the year for the locals. You can book a transfer in Uruguay and arrive at the carnival on time. Travel with comfort!