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If you are going to visit all the sights and natural beauty of Abkhazia, you should certainly rent a car with a personal driver. offers passenger transportation services in Abkhazia for any number of people. There are no airports for passenger planes in Abkhazia, so the only way to get there is by train or car from the nearest airport. Wherever you are, carriers will meet you and take to your destination. Book a transfer to Abkhazia and travel in comfort with!

Abkhazia is located on the best place of the South: The Black sea, mountains, ancient monuments and resorts at the best price. That’s all you need for a great trip. The republic is divided into 7 districts: Gagra, Sukhumi, and Galski, Gudauta, Gulripshi, Tkvarchelsky and Ochamchirsky districts. It will surprise travelers with pristine nature, ancient monuments and clean waters of the Black sea and the local lakes.

The most popular holiday destination is Gagra, which is bordering Sochi. This resort is one of the most developed, if we talk about infrastructure. Therefore, the vacationers prefer to stay in Gagra and travel with a guide by bus or by private transport. For convenience, you can rent a car with a personal driver at the Get Transfer service. Coastline with pebbly beaches stretches for 53 kilometers. The castle of the Prince of Oldenburg, who wanted to transform the picturesque area in the resort, and the ruins of the Abaata fortress in the late 19th century are also worth a visit.

New Athos is another resort located on the coast of Abkhazia. A comfortable climate attracts the visitors all the year round. The landscape is fascinating here: views from the New Athos waterfall and the Iberian mountain. New Athos monastery is famous for the cross with the piece of the Tree of the Holy cross. Parchinskaya tower, the cottage of Stalin, Museum of the Abkhazian Kingdom and many other places that should be visited.

20 km from New Athos is the capital of the Republic. In Sukhum you can listen to entertaining stories and legends from tour guides on excavations in Escher, the famous temple of Kamany or Beslet bridge.

If you are traveling with children, do not hesitate to go in Pitsunda. Use the service of car rental with driver in Abkhazia. You do not have to watch the road: enjoy the views outside the window and spend time with your family. The sea air combined with a pine forest creates a comfortable microclimate for relaxation and treatment. You can stay near the beach in private sector or in the comfortable boarding houses. You can find parks, local institutions, or go on an excursion to the mountain lake Ritsa.

The tourist season begins in May and June, when sea temperature warms up to +21°C, and the sun begins to give chocolate tan. Winter’s weather is mild: on the coast the temperature is less than 0°C in Abkhazia. The climate is subtropical, but even in summer in the mountains at an altitude of over 2000 meters everything is covered with snow.

The fragrance of cypress trees and citrus is spread throughout the country. Fruits are sold at an acceptable price, but if you stay in the private sector, the landlords will let you taste them for free. Figs, medlar, dogwood, peaches, cherries – the list is very long. Abkhazia is famous for its wines. «Abcny», «Psou», «Lykhny» – they are all well known throughout the world. Cheap and high quality seasonal wine can be bought in any premises or the landlords. Cheese «Suluguni» is perfect for wine. Almost every family is engaged in winemaking. The main dish for the people of the Caucasus was and still is meat cooked on the grill – skewers of chicken, fish, beef. And popular Russian cakes with cheese «khachapuri» cooked on the highest level!

Transfer to Abkhazia is a popular tourist service. Rest in Abkhazia is no worse than in the popular exotic countries and Islands. The main difference is the prices are not enormously high.