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The Algerian Republic is the hottest area in North Africa, the majority of which is in the Sahara desert, and the part by the Mediterranean Sea. A rich country will surprise the most experienced traveler with the diversity of its landscapes and southern sports. Bordering the popular resorts of Morocco and Tunisia, Algeria unjustly sent to third place among North African destinations. The Republic consists of 4 regions: the narrow valley Signal, the Atlas Mountains, the desert part of the Atlas Mountains and the Algerian desert stone. Few people know, but the famous Yves Saint Laurent and Zinedine Zidane was born in Algeria.

Algeria is one of the most developed countries in North Africa. The Republic capital is a colorful metropolis, combining the echoes of three cultures: Arab, African and European. Theatres, museums, scenic boulevards, a Turkish fortress of the 16th century Kasbah and many other great sights of different civilizations who wrote the history of Algeria — all of this you can see in the city.

Among other cities recommended visiting Batna, towering over the sea surface on the rocks of the mountain massif of Ores, Annaba with the ancient Acropolis Afrodisium and Bairnsdale with its memorable places. For experienced travelers very interesting entertainment will be a trip to the Sahara — an indispensable and the most important attraction of the country. Tour Desk offering to go to the Grand Erg Oriental in Ghardaia and m'zab. Each city is proud of its architecture and preserved medieval basilicas, temples and ancient forums. Nevertheless, the jewel of the Sahara is El Golea. It is an oasis where you can reach only by plane from the capital.

Despite the nearly 1000 kilometers of coastline, there are not so many beaches in Algeria, but they concede the beach resort neighbors of the firstborn Tunisia and Morocco. But if to swim in the Mediterranean is your "must do", then you should visit the Cape Sit, Freng and Turquoise coast. Rent a car with driver in Algeria will allow in a short time to get to these natural attractions. The climate of Algeria is subtropical in the North and desert in the Sahara. Winter on the coast is warm and rainy . It's +12 °C in January. In the mountains it is cool and there are 2 or 3 weeks of snow. In the Sahara the winter depends on the time of day — at night it is below 0 °C and plus 20 °C under daylight. Summers in Algeria are hot and dry. In the desert, the temperature can reach 40 °C, and at night reduced to two or three times. Summer temperatures in the North of Algeria on the coast usually does not exceed + 30 °C.

The local cuisine is what you need after a busy day after visiting sightseeings. Hearty and equally delicious took over the Maghreb, Turkish and Arabic traditions. Couscous with lamb and vegetables soup shorba and baklava for dessert. From a quick bite, you will find all sorts of pasties, thello and pastries. It is recommended to drink local green tea or strong Arabic coffee.

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