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The Algerian Republic is the most tropical area in North Africa. One part of this country is located in the Sahara desert and another one is bounded by the Mediterranean Sea. The rich country will surprise the most experienced traveller with the variety of its landscapes and southern types of leisure. Bordered by Morocco and Tunisia Algeria is unjustly on the third place among North African destinations. Most people do not know that legendary Yves Saint Laurent and Zinedine Zidane were born in Algeria.

Algeria is one of the most developed countries in North Africa. The Republic capital is a colourful megacity, combining features of Arabian, African and European cultures. You can see a lot of theatres, museums, picturesque boulevards, the Turkish fortress Kasbah of the 16th century and many other famous sights of different civilizations that created the history of Algeria.

Batna is another attractive city to visit that towers above the sea on the rocks of the Aures Mountains. You should also go to Annaba, the city with the ancient acropolis Afrodisium, and Biskra full of various memorable places. The trip to the Sahara desert is an exciting entertainment for experienced travellers - it is the essential and the most important attraction of the country. Tour operators offer to go to the Grand Erg Oriental in Ouargla and M'zab. Each city is proud of its architecture and medieval basilicas, temples and ancient forums. Nevertheless, the pearl of the Sahara is El Goléa. It is an oasis you can reach only by plane from the capital.

Notwithstanding the nearly 1.000 kilometres of coastline, there are not so many beaches in Algeria and they are far below the level of the Tunisia and Morocco resorts. If swimming in the Mediterranean Sea is your "must-do" then you should visit the Sidi Fredj, the Cote Turquoise. Renting a car with a driver in Algeria will allow in to get to these natural attractions in a short time. The coast is possible to visit all year round, while the Sahara is better to visit in spring and autumn.

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