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If you want to see one of the tiniest states in the world, we recommend visiting Andorra. The picturesque tropical nature, mountain air and hospitality of the locals will not leave you indifferent.

How to get to Andorra? Rent a car with a driver or book a transfer through the service Travel in comfort and pay attention only to the most interesting.

Andorra la Vella is the capital of the tiny state of Andorra, which arose in the IX century between the peaks of the Pyrenees. Travelers come here to visit the sights and go to the ski resorts.

The historical center is located in the Old Quarter, where preserved buildings of the XVIII-XIX centuries. There you will see the Casa de los Valles, the government building and the Sala del Concell, where the Philatelic Museum is located. Be sure to visit the home of Set-Panis, which is a national archive.

In the Plaza la Poble Square, the Drama Theater and the Musical College of Classical Music were built. Every year there is a jazz festival, which brings together artists from around the world. In Andorra, much attention is paid to religious activities. The church of St. Armenol of the XIII century is one of the oldest in the city. We recommend to visit the cathedrals of Santa Kolomna and Santuario de Meristel.

AndorraTransport buses ply in Andorra and beyond. Opening hours: 08:30 to 21:40. For walks and excursions in Andorra, use the rental bikes. Rentals are located in hotels and shopping centers. You can ride all year long: in winter it rarely snows, the tracks are dry, and in the summer there are special mountain biking parks.

Andorra has no airport or train station. Many tourists travel here from Barcelona or Toulouse. The journey takes more than 3 hours by bus. Book your transfer to Andorra la Vella at The driver will meet you at the airport and quickly take you to Andorra. You don't have to make several transfers or search for the desired transport.