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Argentina has an attractive location for tourists in the south-eastern part of the continent of South America: tropical forests, landscapes, open from mountain peaks, waterfalls and a coastline stretching for 2500 kilometers. Argentina has placed in its relatively small territory everything that the soul of a tourist will wish. And most importantly, what the country of vacationers beckons with - these are passionate lessons of tango and world-famous football teams that have not once taken the primacy of the world.

A rich excursion program to the tourist will be offered by the capital of Buenos Aires. Slowly spend time in the cafe in the Plaza de Mayo, go to the play at the theater "Colon" and get acquainted with the history of the museums and get a taste for the carnivals. Popular entertainment is Tango show and Fiesta gaucho, where professional dancers participate in various thematic productions. You can move by public transport in the capital. But, in order not to get lost in the cards, use the services for the carriage of passengers in Argentina from It is very important in case of ignorance of the Spanish language and the city.

In addition to the main city, tourists choose the place for a holiday in Cordoba. The city center preserved the buildings of the colonial period. Here is the market, the Catholic Cathedral and one of the best historical museums in Argentina. Especially popular are ocean cruises on the Cape Horn, trips to the national parks Nahuel-Huapi, Iguazu and many others.

In Argentina they go to enjoy the bright sun, swim in the clearest waters of the Atlantic Ocean, catch a wave and do professional diving on the island of Valdos. For fans of an active way of life in the country, there is also a less serious lesson. The resort of San Carlos de Bariloche in the famous Patagonia is one of the most visited in Africa by alpine skiers and snowboarders. Mountaineers prefer climbing the volcano Lanin. Alpinists from all over the world come to Argentina. Classical climbing routes are climbing the volcanoes of Lanin (3776 m) and Tronadore (3554 m). Medical tours to Argentina are in great demand, because it is here that the world-famous balneological resort of Terma de Copaca is located.

If the listed tourist destinations do not appeal to you, then ecotourism will definitely win your hearts, leaving no room even for beach rest. Imagine: you remain alone with the virgin nature, enjoy the lack of noise of big cities and problems. There are more than 20 such protected areas in the country: Chaco, Los Cadenos, Rio Pilcomayo and many others. Argentina is a widespread winter sports. Fans of snowboarding or skiing on the plain trails prefer to stay at the resort of Bayo.

The climate of the country is divided into 2 parts: temperate in the south and subtropical in the north. In the southern part, the summer is quite cold, the maximum temperature even in January reaches only + 15 °C, and the average temperature in the north borders between + 30 °C and + 40 °C.

Having received food for thought, having collected a lot of photos from museums and excursions, no doubt go to the nearest restaurant for tasting local cuisine. The main dish is parrilla, cooked grilled steak, sausages and meat giblets together. In Patagonia it is recommended to try the lake trout. Mate is served for any meal. The hot drink became the symbol of Argentina. Only here you can try cooked mate according to the present recipe.

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