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Book a transfer to Armenia to secure an unencumbered holiday. The driver with comfort and without traffic jams will take you to your destination. After a long flight, you will not be looking for a taxi or Shuttle until the next transfer. The carrier will meet you at the airport with a sign and help to carry Luggage to the car. You can book a transfer to Armenia from any airport and city.

Armenia is a Sunny country of noble mountains with rich cultural heritage, unique mythology and ancient monasteries. Ask any person with whom he associates Armenia, the answer will be the same: mount Ararat. A lot of legends are connected with the mountain, its image is present on the banknotes of Armenia and Turkey. The Bible says that Noah's ark landed on the sacred hill at the time of the flood. Known around the world cognac is also called "Ararat". By the way, it is already mentioned preacher and planted a vine on the mountain.

You can travel to Armenia at any time of the year. The flow of tourists begins to increase from April to November. In addition to historical sites and Armenian architecture, travellers can go to nature. It's a good idea to rent a car with a driver in Armenia. For example, go to the crystal clear lake Sevan, go on a tour of waterfalls and reservoirs. Supporters of active leisure must visit the caves of Lastiver. For winter sports enthusiasts, the ski resort's doors open from December until the end of March. The ski areas in Tsaghkadzor are quite high. The route starts at the level of 2000 meters, the length is 30 kilometres. For lovers of spa-rest and recuperation healing waters year-round functioning of the resort Jamroga. The height of the season falls on July when the thermometer reaches +35°C. at this time begins to Mature apricot, which began to grow on the Ararat plain thousands of years ago.

In addition to fruits, which make jams, dried fruits and tinctures, Armenia is famous for its wine. The first winery was created 6 centuries ago near the village of Arena. The national Armenian cuisine is famous for its various options of cooking meat. For example, barbecue is cooked not only in all institutions but also at home. This is a traditional dish for every holiday. Juicy meat is usually served with soft pita bread made from durum wheat and stewed vegetables. The second place in popularity is given to khash – soup, which is eaten not at lunchtime, but in the morning. Sweet offer tourists "Armenian Snickers" stuffed with nuts fruit called kurcheloy.

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