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Belarus, located in the heart of Europe, will surprise of its beauty of nature and architectural monuments. The world is not standing still and is developing at the speed of light when Belarus is saving maintains and loyalty to the history, values and culture.

Minsk is political and economic, cultural and scientific capital of Belarus. The city was founded as long ago as 1067. The first step is to visit with a guide to the masterpieces of the magnificent buildings is Mirskii and Nesvizhskii castles with their legends and secrets. In the center of Minsk you would be interested in visiting the Trinity suburb, churches and cathedrals. You can get here by using the services for the carriage of passengers in Belarus.

Belarus is divided into 6 areas with its own history, memorable places and natural beauty. For example, the ruins of the monasteries of the fourteenth century are in the Mogilev region, and the suburb of Gomel is famous for its nature reserves, national parks and the Palace and Park ensemble Rumyantsev-Paskevich. Brest fortress, Belovezhskaya Pushcha and the residence of Santa Claus – far e full list of sites that need to put a tick in the diary of traveler. The most convenient way to travel by private car: rent a car with a driver in Belarus will be most welcome.

There is developed a resort program for tourists in Belarus. It has treat climate, mineral waters and mud procedures in "Alpha Radon" and "Lake" in Grodno region, "Rozanski" in the Brest region and many others. It is a great analogy of European Spa resorts.

The resorts are amazing for all the parameters of the country that can be visited at any time of the year because there are good conditions of weather. The climate of Belarus is moderately continental with cool summers (19°C) and mild winters (-4°C).

What else can inspire the already fabulous country? The kitchen. The main products preferred by the indigenous people on every day is meat, potatoes and mushrooms. There are variations cooking three foods a lot. Definitely you need to try pancakes, dumplings with filling, muffins from peas and various goulash of pork and vegetables. Among the drinks popular "krambambula", a strong infusion of herbs, honey, Mariah and alcohol. Non-alcohol drink is tea or kvass from birch SAP.

Having been in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other "pearls" of Europe for tourist is sure for a week or two should look to Belarus. Book a transfer to Belarus to easily move between cities and local resorts.