Transfer in Bruges

Belgium is a small country in the North-West of Europe with modern megacities and medieval castles. If you want to feel the fabulous atmosphere of a town frozen in time, then you need to visit Bruges. Order a transfer here from anywhere in Belgium using the service and you will be able to find yourself in the magic city without a stop.

How to get to Bruges? There is no airport in the capital of West Flanders, so first you need to fly to Brussels or Antwerp. From the air terminals of these two megacities there are direct trains run to Bruges: flights depart every half hour from 5 am to 12 am. Tickets are purchased on the website or at the ticket offices on the spot. There are no direct bus flights from the airport, so you will have to go with a transfer through the bus station. You can take a taxi that is waiting for passengers near the exits of the terminals. Experienced tourists always use the transfer service, which is ordered in advance. The car will be delivered on time, and you will reach the hotel quickly and comfortably in less than 1.5 hours.

It is best to start exploring the city from the Central Grote Markt square, which is closed to cars. Since 1200, fairs have traditionally been held here on Wednesdays, and in winter, the square is filled with water for a skating rink. The main Christmas tree is also installed here. Along the perimeter are neat former houses of burghers, which are now turned into municipal houses, shops and cafés. A fire building with an 83-meter tower and a clock stands out from the General architecture. You can go up and enjoy the panorama of the city. Another area worth visiting is located in the oldest district of Burge. In the center is a monument to Jan van Eyck, and in the corner is hidden one of the main attractions of Bruges — the Church of the Holy Blood of Christ in the Romano-Gothic style. The building was commissioned by the Dukes of Burgundy, under whom the city flourished in the XIV century. Among other things, go to the Church of our lady, where Michelangelo's sculpture "Madonna of Bruges"is located.

Don't forget to add the museums of Bruges to your "must — visit" list-there are about 40 of them here. The most significant exhibition is located in the City Museum of fine arts: on the walls are works by Jan van Eyck, Hieronymus Bosch and Rene Magritte. Belgium is known as the country where the diamond capital of the world (Antwerp) is located. In Bruges, there is a Museum dedicated to the precious stone. Inside, you can see not only the amazing beauty of minerals, but also watch how jewelers make a cut right in front of your eyes.

Bruges, once one of the largest ports in Europe, has access to the North Sea. Therefore, in the traditional West-Flemish cuisine includes seafood and fish. In any restaurant in Bruges, try local dishes such as fish soup with shrimp and mussels. Also in institutions of podadut French fries, Flemish soup and Belgian cheese.

The weather in Bruges is conducive to long walks at any time of the year. Due to the location close to the sea, there are no severe frosts, in summer the temperature is kept in the region of +20 °C. The only thing you will not be able to do in winter is to ride along the numerous canals that often make Bruges the "Venice of the North".

Bruges is a beautiful tourist city that you want to spend as much time as possible. If you plan to visit any other regions of Belgium, then you should go to Brussels. Try to guess so that you arrive here in the evening, at this time the city comes to life. Locals go for a walk after work or go to pubs. On the way to Brussels, you will pass the city of Ghent. The capital of East Flanders will attract your attention with its slender architecture and high spires of castles. Some believe that this is one of the most mysterious cities in Europe. To go on such a trip, rent a car with a driver and the trip will seem easy and fast.