Transfer in Bolivia

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Bolivia is an amazing country which is half-isolated from the world. It is the only country with more than 37 state languages. Most of the natural resources are in the high mountains. Not only various flora and fauna attract tourists all over the world but also rich cultural heritage. In the middle of the XIV century, there were more than 200 revolutions in Bolivia.

The reason why this place is so popular among tourists is the willingness to look at the exciting view of Cordilleras, feel the Incas ancient civilization life and visit the salt flat of Salar de Uyuni. The jungles of Amazon impress with the landscapes. Many people dream to go to rapid waterfalls, see the greenery and listen to the singing of exotic birds. The symbol of Bolivia is alpaca. The alpaca is distantly related to the Tibetan lama. Alpaka’s wool is used for making poncho, socks, sweaters and hoods. Alpaka’s wool is well-known for its high-quality. It is considered to be the best present from South America.

Sucre is the capital of Bolivia. La Paz is the cultural, industrial and economic centre of Bolivia. It is worth to visit the national art gallery of Bolivia or the State Museum of Architecture. Rent a car with a driver in Bolivia to see not only the centre but also the outskirts of the country.

The best time to visit Bolivia starts in May and ends in October. There are no certain climatic zones in the country as the area is quite different. The climate on the plains is tropical and subequatorial and the continental climate is in the mountains. The average air temperature in summer is +33 °C. The winter is characterized by heavy rains instead of snow and the temperature is lower than +21 °C. provides the best service of transfer passengers in Bolivia. Make your route and the professional drivers will take you to your destination.