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Brazil is the biggest state in South America. It consists of the continent and the island region. This country is famous for its carnivals in Rio de Janeiro, golden beaches, the green jungle of Amazonas and coffee. You can go from Brazilia, the capital of Brazil, to any city of the country by public transport or a transfer. Aurora’s Palace, Three Powers Square are well-known sights of the country but the pearl of Brazil is Rio de Janeiro, the most visited and erstwhile capital. The main attraction for tourists is carnivals which take place in all cities at the same time every year.

Be sure to visit national parks: the Pantanal or Águas Quentes valley. The tour along the Amazon river, to Iguazú Falls and to the beach on the well-known Brazilian coast. Corcovado and the statue of Christ the Redeemer which has become an architectural landmark of Brazil, the church Nossa Dama Brasil and the church of Our Lady of Glory Outeiro will be interesting for religious tourists. If you don’t know how to get there hire the passengers transport services in Brazil.

The larger half of the country’s territory is situated in tropical climate. The high season starts in May and ends in September with the temperature +28 °C. The center of Brazil is characterised by moderate climate but from January up to May there is the rain season. The tourist who is thirsty for new experiences will definitely fall in love with Brazil. Hire the transfer in Brazil on Make your travel unforgettable!