Transfer in Cambodia

Transfer in Cambodia is all-round touristic and business service. How does it work? You book a transfer on the website or mobile app at a certain date so the driver meets you at the airport and drive with the fastest route to the destination. The price will be fixed after the booking without any extra charges and overpays.

Cambodia is the kingdom with lots of natural and architectural treasures. Tours and resorts of the fairy country will please everyone who likes wild nature, not afraid of discovering unexplored places and fond of new experience. Cambodia is an amazing country with such beautiful views: uninhabited islands of the Gulf of Thailand (also known as the Gulf of Siam), pagoda, clean beaches, villages of the Chams and another southern exotic of the African kingdom. The country borders with other fascinating resort countries: Vietnam, Thailand and Laos.

Phnom Penh is one of the most beautiful cities and a former colony of France. The city is a modern capital now with colourful modern buildings and ancient constructions. It is worth to visit Wat Phnom, the Silver Pagoda and the Royal Palace.

The ancient capital of the Khmer country is the city Angkor with its unique medieval atmosphere. It is only 200 m² of the ancient settlement where are more than one hundred temples and buildings. This national park is protected by the government and honoured by Khmer people.

In the south-east of the capital, there are the Krâvanh Mountains (literally the "Cardamom Mountains") and the Dâmrei (Elephant) Mountains with panorama views on the landscapes of Cambodia, Povokvil Waterfalls, the residence and old palace of the royal family. Car rental with a driver in Cambodia allows you to see all the natural and cultural monuments not to use guide tour services.

If the main reason for your trip to the resort is beach rest, it is better to book the hotel in Sihanoukville Province (officially known as Preah Sihanouk Province) or Kep Province (also known as Kep or Kaeb). Living conditions are quite ascetic and at an acceptable price but all these peculiarities can be balanced by amazing beaches and a large variety of entertainment.

You should spend your vacation in winter months there as the temperature is up to +25 °C. In summer, the sun heats air up to +40 °C and there are heavy rains in this season. People go to Cambodia to enjoy wildlife, intensive tour program and a holiday on the coast of the emerald Gulf of Siam. Book a transfer in Cambodia to travel around the hot country with comfort!