Transfer in Colombia

Before the vacation don’t forget to book a transfer in Colombia from the airport to the hotel. The driver will meet you in the arrival zone holding a card with your name and will comfortably to your destination. After a long and tiring flight you won’t need an expensive taxi or use public transport. Leave an application form on and be sure your transfer is safe and comfortable.

Colombia is called the Gates to South America: to Brazil, Venezuela, Panama and Peru. Distinctive culture, unique nature and the best resort of Latin America are very popular among tourists.

Bogota is the capital with original architecture and lots of museums of national traditions, gold and numismatics. The heart of Bogota — the square of Bolivar and the most popular tourist attraction is the Presidential Palace where each day at 17:00 guard shifts change.

You must visit corrida in Cali, the Monkey Island or Isla de Los Micos in Leticia and the Indian sacred lake in Gatavita. In order to get the best experience from a trip we suggest using passenger transfer in Colombia.

The list of interesting cities includes but not limited to: Tunja, Santiago de Cali, Cartajena, Villa de Leyva, Medellin and Cucuta.

Many tourists come to Colombia to visit the national parks of Chiribiquete and Paramillo and relax on the shore of the Carribean. Santa-Catalina and san-Andres islands are famous for lagoons, coral reefs and developed infrastructure. The Pacific shore, however, is less suited for tourism as strong cold streams at the bottom of the ocean make swimming less pleasant.

You can enjoy a picturesque view from the mountain ranges of Ands and Cordilleras. You can stay in a local villages where indigenous people live. Car rent with a driver is a perfect opportunity to see as much of Colombia as you want.

Typical climate in Colombia is equatorial or subequatorial. In the lover part of the country the temperature is about + 28 °C all year long while in the mountains it is +12 °C. The vacation season is from December to March, the rest of the year it’s raining.

In Colombia everybody can find something to like: beach resorts, camping or cultural and historical tours. Book a transfer in Colombia if you prefer travelling with friends and value high-quality service.