Transfer in Costa Rica

Transfer in Costa Rica is a convenient way to go from the airport to a hotel. A driver will meet you with the nametag at the arrivals area, help you with your luggage and bring you to a destination place. Most important, you will know the exact cost of a transfer in advance. Chose an advantageous trip with!

Costa Rica is one of the most exotic and attractive to tourists places. It is the country of wildlife, jungles, volcanos and adventures. Eco-tourism in Costa Rica is highly popular among those who once tried it. Use the passengers’ transport services in Costa Rica if you are planning to go on guided tours with a big group of people.

The majority of the country’s population lives in the capital San José. This city is located at 1,200 metres above sea level in a picturesque area of the isthmus between Panama and Nicaragua and surrounded by mountains and valleys. Be sure to visit Plaza de la Cultura and immediate environs to enjoy views of the local architecture and get into the spirit of the capital. Renting a car with a driver in Costa Rica will help you to get any place of the country: from the sunny coast of the Pacific Ocean in the south-west to the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean in the east.

Near San José there is Alajuela, the second largest city in Costa Rica. There is also entertainment for kids: a butterfly-breeding farm, the amusement park “El Bosque Encantado” and a zoo. On the south-east from the capital there is the province Cartago which is worldwide famous for its coffee plantations. Nowdays it is a religious centre of the country: every year in august pilgrims from all over the world go to the cathedral of Cartago and Basílica de Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles.

Costa Rica has many national parks, volcanos and natural sites: Tortuguero, Arenal, Monteverde, Santa Rosa etc. Go to Corcovado, a beautiful tropical forest with rich flora and fauna, or the island Coco that was the inspiration for the uninhabited land in “Treasure Island” of Robert Louis Stevenson.

The main thing is that beach recreation in Costa Rica is available the whole year round. The climate is subequatorial: average temperatures on the plateau are +22 °C and +30 °C on the coast. In mountain areas night temperatures go down to +9 °C. The rest of the country’s territory has similar night and day temperature.

If you like nature, eco-tourism and hot weather, the resorts of Costa Rica are a perfect choice for you. Hire transfer in Costa Rica on After a long flight the only thing you want is to find the most comfortable transport from the airport to a hotel.