Transfer in Costa Rica

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Transfer to Costa Rica is a convenient way to travel from the airport to the hotel. The driver will meet you with a sign in the arrivals area, help carry the luggage and quickly take you to your destination. Most importantly, unlike a local taxi, you will know in advance the cost of the trip and don't pay extra money even for tips. For a large group of tourists or travelers, book a bus or minivan. If you are traveling with a child, don't forget to mention in the comments to the application about the necessity of having a child seat or a special belt for children in the car. Travel safely with!

Costa Rica is one of the most exotic tourist destinations. Here you find yourself in a realm of wildlife, jungles, volcanoes and adventures. The country has developed ecotourism, loved by everyone who at least once went on a similar tour. Take advantage of passenger transportation services in Costa Rica, if you plan to visit large groups of people.

Costa Rica is a small country in Central America, from anywhere you can quickly get on a rented car on the sunny coast of the Pacific in the southwest and the Caribbean in the east.

The capital of San Jose is home to a large part of the country's population. The city is located in a picturesque corner of the state at 1200 meters above sea level, surrounded by mountains and valleys. Be sure to visit the Plaza de la Cultura and the surrounding area to enjoy the architecture, visit the Musée de Oro Precolombino and enjoy the spirit of the main city. Renting a car with a driver in Costa Rica will help reduce the waiting time for public transport. Instead, you will visit as many sights as possible.

Near the capital is Alajuela, the next largest city in the country. For children, there is also entertainment: a butterfly farm, an amusement park El Bosque Encantado and a zoo.

In the southeast of the capital is located the province of Cartago, known to the whole world by coffee plantations. Today it is the religious center of the country, the historical and architectural heritage was destroyed by the earthquake in the XIX century. Annually in August, pilgrims from all over the world come to the cathedrals of Cartago and the "Mother of Angels".

In Costa Rica, many national parks, volcanoes and natural attractions: Tortuguero, Arenal, Monteverde, Santa Rosa and many others. Particular attention should be paid to Corcovado, a beautiful tropical forest with rich flora and fauna, and Cocos Island, which served as a prototype of uninhabited land in the book "Treasure Island" by Robert Stevenson. A popular occupation for both Costa Ricans and guests of the country is diving.

In addition to diving to the depths of the Pacific waters, surfing is popular in Santa Teresita, Playa Jaco, Mal Pais and other areas; Windsurfing is on Lake Arenal, and fishing in the gulfs of Golfito and Papagayo.

Most importantly: for a beach holiday in the country go all the year round. The climate is subequatorial: the average temperatures on the plateau are + 22 °C, on the coast - + 30 °C. In mountainous areas at night the temperature drops to + 9 °C, in the rest of the country day and night don't differ by degrees on the thermometer.

Costa Rica is an amazing place on earth that can surprise not only memorable places, jungles, tropics and other components of a hot resort. Costa Ricans prepare stunning dishes, which are a mixture of Indian and Spanish cuisines. Rice with meat or vegetables, flavored with curry and other spices is an absolute "mast-trai" on the journey. Seafood is certainly popular in restaurants: most often order shells and "a la la placa" (fish). Alcoholic drinks are popular with Centenario rum, Cafe Rica liqueur and numerous varieties of beer. Cooling drinks are invariably for beach recreation, freshly squeezed juices, coconut milk and ice-cream cocktails.

If you love nature, greet ecotourism and "for one" with +30 degrees Celsius, then the Costa Rican resorts. This is definitely your direction. But, if you have never been to the islands, then you should also try all the entertainment of Costa Rica. Book your transfer to Costa Rica on After a tiring, many-hour flight, a trip in comfortable conditions will be very relevant.