Transfer to Dubrovnik

On the Adriatic coast is the ancient resort of Croatia. Dubrovnik is included in the list of Renaissance monuments. Planning a vacation, it is worth considering a lot of details: buying tickets, hotel accommodation, transfer. Book it through the service and the journey will begin right at the airport. The driver won’t only drive to the hotel, but also arrange a tour of the city.

The history of Dubrovnik began in the VII century and several centuries later it reached the level of Venice in the economic and cultural spheres. Here all the best is concentrated: quaint architecture, magnificent landscapes, clean beaches. The city is surrounded by stone walls of the XVI century, the main attractions are concentrated here.

Ancient buildings have survived to this day almost in their original form. A unique ensemble consists of the bastion of St. John, the tower of Mintchet, the fortresses Ravelin and Bokar, which protected the city from enemies for many centuries. Above the sea stands white-stone fortress Lovrienac, from the XI century it blocks the way of penetration into the city, from land and sea.

The Princely Palace of the XV century is a symbol of the resort, built in the Gothic style. Earlier here lived the rulers of Croatia, and today it is an antique museum with a collection of paintings. The local residents consider the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary the main religious building. Nearby, in the square of the Lodge, stands the Church of St. Blasius in the Baroque style. On the territory of the palace of the Rector there was opened a historical museum.

The central tourist street is Stradun, surrounded by fountains. Now there are numerous restaurants, shops and tour desk. At the gates of the Pyla stands the Franciscan monastery of the fourteenth century, rebuilt several times after the earthquakes.

Travel guides advise to visit the island of Lokrum, the home of kings and emperors. Here Richard the Lionheart survived the shipwreck, strengthened the strategic positions of Napoleon Bonaparte, and also the representatives of the Habsburg dynasty often rested. Now on the green glades roam the peacocks, adornment of Dubrovnik.

Still popular destinations among tourists are the cities of Splin, Zagreb and Pula.

A common mode of transport is a bus. He travels every 15 minutes, connecting Old Town, Babin Cook and Lapad. There are also tourist routes. They leave from the central bus station in Grozhe and visit the main sights. Favorite mode of travel for tourists is funicular, lifting passengers from the walls of the Old City to the top of the mountain Srdzh. From here you can see a magnificent panorama to Dubrovnik.

This is an amazing place. Pebble beaches, clear sea, ancient fortresses. Travel should be comfortable, so book a transfer on the site, if you don’t know how to get to Dubrovnik, and get a vivid impression.