Transfer to Split

Croatia is a popular country among tourists. Split is the second largest city after Zagreb. Clean beaches on the Adriatic Sea, old architecture and local cuisine attract more than fifty thousand travelers every year. When planning a holiday in this resort, don’t forget to book a transfer in advance in Split through the service, so as not to waste time at the airport.

The city is located in the central part of the coast of the Marjan Peninsula, between Dubrovnik and Zadar. From the sea side it was surrounded by archipelagos of numerous islands. UNESCO included the historic center on the World Heritage List.

Modern buildings are built next to the old buildings of the XV-XIX centuries. In Split, all sorts of architectural styles and mixed nationalities coexist, which creates a unique urban appearance.

In addition to beach recreation, the city is full of attractions and museums. The symbol of Croatia is the ruins of Diocletian's castle, built in the IV century AD. At the same time, the Split Cathedral was founded, which still operates today. Also in the palace building there were living quarters, restaurants and shops.

It is worth visiting and the Museum of Archeology, which includes an ethnographic department. The guides will gladly talk about the formation of culture and the development of local life. After an active tourist program, we recommend you to relax in the "Marjan" park, from one of the hills, which offers a picturesque view of the city, the surrounding area and the sea coast. Peacocks are walking along the paths.

Peristil Square is popular among locals and tourists. There are festivals, concerts, excursions begin here. Here there are ancient cathedrals: St. Demonia, St. Nicholas and St. Jerome XV century.

For fans of nightlife there is an entertainment center Bacvice. Visitors can go to the cinema, to the disco, play bowling or sing in karaoke.

Routes aren’t so many. The bus is a common mode of transport. They drive around the city and taxi. In Croatia, it is accepted to pay extra for the transportation of luggage. Recently, cycling has been actively developing: special tracks have been built and rental points have been opened. On a boat taxi tourists make water excursions, local residents almost do not use them.

If you don’t know how to get to Split, we recommend booking a transfer in advance using the service. Discover new places in Croatia and enjoy your vacation.