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Transfer in Cyprus is a convenient way to travel to local resorts and attractions. Book your transfer on the convenient service in advance to get a profitable offer from carriers. When making an application, don't forget to indicate the class of the car and, if necessary, the presence of a child seat in the vehicle. Travel comfortably with

Cyprus is a popular tourist island resort in the eastern Mediterranean. The state is famous for its excellent beaches and services with adequate prices, unhurried rhythm of life and exotic nature. In addition to recreation for the soul and all kinds of water activities on the island, you can go on excursions to the temples and ruins of ancient Byzantine fortresses, taste the best local wines and Greek cuisine.

The capital of Nicosia has become the center of two cultures and states: Greek in the Republic of Cyprus and Turkish in the territory of Northern Cyprus. The city was founded in the VII century BC, therefore in Nicosia you can get acquainted not only with the traditions of two peoples, visiting local museums and attractions, but also with the non-tourist atmosphere of the city.

Limassol is the largest city, one of the most popular destinations in Cyprus. This resort is suitable for families with children, and for young holidaymakers. There is everything to diversify the traveler's leisure: water parks, attractions for adults and children, hotels with swimming pools, clubs and bars. Larnaca is also suitable for a family vacation, in which, by the way, there is an airport.

But the most visited place is Ayia Napa is a youth resort, comparable to Ibiza. However, the prices here are more favorable: spending time at the resort will cost several times cheaper. Bars and clubs are round the clock, the resting youth begins to disperse to their homes and hotels only at dawn.

The whole island is dotted with monuments of architecture: it is worth visiting St. John's Cathedral in the capital, Kition in Larnaca and the Royal tombs and catacombs of Saint Solomon on Paphos. On the peninsula Akamas, adjacent to Cyprus, to this day are the ruins of Morion and Avagos, the ancient cities of the island. Renting a car with a driver in Cyprus is a great way to see as many interesting attractions as possible.

From water activities choose dives to a depth that will not surprise you with beautiful views of the underwater world, but it will be a starting point for beginners. To see the sunken ship "Zenobia" and cruiser HMS Cricket, caves and rock Mushrooms Rock, lovers of outdoor activities go to Larnaca.

The Troodos Mountains are another place for those who are committed to an active lifestyle, but only in the cool season, when the peaks are covered with snow, and the weather contributes to excellent skiing and snowboarding. If you travel a large company and you carry heavy luggage or equipment, use the services of transporting passengers in Cyprus.

You can relax on a sunny island at any time of the year, to which the excellent climate contributes: the subtropical Mediterranean with a hot summer (+ 60 ° C) and warm winter (+20 ° C). In the mountainous region the temperature is lower. In hot weather local residents go to Troodos to cool down, and in winter time tourists prefer winter sports is skis and snowboards.

The kitchen in Cyprus is mostly Greek. There are many dishes with seafood, "feta" and "halloumi" cheeses and vegetables. The gastronomy business card on the island is a complex dinner, which includes 20-30 dishes. "Meze", as the serving of dishes is called, can be ordered in any tavern. Suvlaki, moussaka and kupelka. All these traditional things worth trying in Cyprus. From drinks you can choose any local wine or liquor, which in any locality will be in abundance.

Cyprus is a stunning island with a unique nature and historically significant subjects: temples, fortresses and ruins of cities built before our era. The flow of tourists doesn't decrease its pressure all year round, as everyone flies there for quality beach rest, parties until the morning and the most memorable impressions. Book a transfer to Cyprus on the site, so that the rest will be an unforgettable and pleasant adventure.