Transfer to Brno

The Czech Republic is famous for its ancient fortresses, national reserves in the vicinity and numerous varieties of beer. Many tourists visit only Prague, forgetting about Brno. The locals consider it to be the capital, for here the royal dynasty of the Přemyslis was born. Book a transfer to Brno via, as the service branches are located all over the world. It is best to come here in the spring, when flowering begins in the State Botanical Garden, and cherry and apple blossom in the parks.

Brno is one of the main economic centers. The chemical, textile and woodworking sphere is developed. From the middle of XX century. International industrial fairs are held here. For example, Financial or Tourist. Also the city became famous thanks to architecture in the style of modernism. Its main representatives are the medieval castle Shpilberk and Villa Tugendhat.

The heart of the city is Freedom Square, where regular celebrations and folk festivities are held regularly. In the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, the main temple of the Czech Republic, there is a XV century statue of the Virgin and Child and a richly decorated baroque altar. From the bell tower offers a stunning view of the city. In the same architectural direction, the Dominican Church of St. Michael of the XVII century. For several centuries, it was completed and added new elements: statues, stained-glass windows or columns, and around built wooden shopping benches.

Popular with travelers and Mount Spilberg with the eponymous castle, which was created to defend itself from the attacks of the Swedes. It is depicted on all Czech coins. Today the Historical Museum operates on this territory.

You can see the stars or the full moon at the Observatory of Nicolaus Copernicus or in the Planetarium. On the viewing platforms are installed telescopes and special astronomical atlases, so that guests could figure out what constellation is in front of them.

The main higher educational institution is the Masaryk University, founded in 1919. Each year, more than 10,000 applications are submitted from students from all over the world. Popular faculties are the legal, philosophical and social sciences.

Public transport are buses, trams and trolleybuses, the route network of which is the largest in the Czech Republic. From the Central Station there are regional and intercity trains. There is a rental of bicycles, especially during the tourist season. Buses and trolleybuses are open from 5:00 to 23:00, on weekends to 01:00. Tickets for each type must be bought separately from the controller or at special ticket offices.

If the question arises: "How do I get to Brno?", you can take a local taxi or order a transfer on the site Travel more often and get new impressions!