Get Transfer in Denmark

Your travel will be unforgettable if you think it through. Book the Avia tickets, the hotel, excursions and a transfer in Denmark in advance. You can set your price for the trip or choose the most favourable offer from a carrier.

Denmark is a Scandinavian kingdom situated in the Jutland peninsula (Cimbrian Peninsula), the coasts of the North and Baltic Sea. Denmark is full of legends and entertaining stories. The medieval architecture, Dutch Riviera and maritime cruises attract tourists all over the world every year.

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. This city is famous for its symbol - the monument of Mermaid from the fairytale by Andersen. There are no big modern buildings in Copenhagen but colour houses, parks and comfy beach promenades. By the way, The area of the northern kingdom is washed by the Baltic Sea in the east and by the North Sea in the west. Near the capital, there are some excellent beaches where locals and tourists can have a rest.

There is an exciting town Aarhus on the bay coast of Aarhus-Bugt. There are a lot of eye-catching places connected with Vikings and local tribes who once lived in Scandinavia. You should pay respect to the history of the country and visit the museums of Vikings and the early history museum. If you plan to visit not only the capital but suburbs, rent a car with a driver in Denmark.

Breathtaking views and untouched nature will astonish travellers on the Faroe Islands which are the part of the kingdom. You can book a room in the five-star hotel and enjoy your stay with fresh air and sea view for the whole week. The alpinists often visit Viðoy Island to conquer Cape Enniberg and the fishermen practise the craft in the lake Pollurin. The service of the passengers’ transportation is popular among tourists in Denmark to get to the next destination.

Everyone can find here what he or she wants to do. Tivoli (also known as Tivoli Gardens) is an amusement park for children which is top 10 largest paks in the world and the first world LEGOLAND.

The climate is comfortable enough in Denmark. There are no dramatic increases and decreases in temperature differences and seasons changing. Summer is chilly (+15 °C) and winter is normal for the mild climate (from 0 °C to −10 °C). The best time for visiting is June-August.

You can find much information on the sights of Denmark but you better go there and see them for yourself. Book a transfer in Denmark on and don’t waste your time and money.