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La Rochelle is a French port city overlooking the Atlantic coast. The tourist flow here is not as big as in Nice. However, the location near the Re Islands and near the famous Fort Boyard makes the city especially attractive for foreign visitors. If you are going to visit it, keep in mind that there are no direct flights to local airport. From the main air hubs of the country low-cost airlines and Ryanair aircraft fly here. From La Rochelle airport to the city you can only reached by private transport. Book a transfer to La Rochelle at the service not to overpay for a taxi and not to waste time looking for it.

La Rochelle was founded in the 10th century. In the centre is the old port, on either side of which are the towers of Saint Nicolas and La Chaîne. They were built in the 14th century to protect the Harbor. The third tower is La Latern, like a Gothic structure. A few centuries ago, it served as a lighthouse. Behind the gates of the towers you find yourself in the heart of the city: the shopping street Palais and Mercier street, where the preserved architecture creates the atmosphere of a medieval city. Narrow streets, castles with gargoyles, mansions and buildings with cornices.

There are many churches and museums in La Rochelle. Pay attention to Notre-Dame-de-Kun and St. Louis Cathedral. Of the large number of exhibition centers worth visiting the Museum of Fine arts and the Maritime Museum.

Despite the location by the ocean, there are no beaches in the city. The nearest base La-Minim is in 3 kilometers from La Rochelle. It is best to rent a car and drive to the bridge Ile de Re to the Re Islands. From the windows of the car you will see spectacular views of the ocean, and the way "over the water" will be about 3 kilometers. The beaches here are excellent: the sand is clean. There are equipped recreation areas with sunbeds and much more. Another local attraction, Fort Boyard, can be reached by boat. It was built in the 19th century between the Islands of Oleron and Ile d'ex for defensive purposes. The boat completely goes around the fortification, at this time the guide tells you the history of the Fort. It is impossible to get inside, because there is still a TV game of the same name.

The transport system is very developed, although you can move around the city by foot. Local people ride buses and bicycles, and travelers prefer river trams if possible.

How to get to La Rochelle? From the nearest cities you can go by public transport, from the airport by taxi or transfer. We recommend you to read the service Here you can offer your cost for the trip or choose directly from the carriers the most profitable.