Transfer in France

Book a transfer in France to make your trip to the magical country full of overwhelming positive emotions. A driver will meet you at the airport and you will not have to look for a taxi cab and local bus stops. A road from any French airport is very entertaining: the beautiful fields of Provence and the Eiffel Tower. You will get wonderful memories of this trip for sure.

France is a romantic country that has a rich cultural heritage, haute cuisine, and beautiful landscapes. Visit it once and you will definitely go back to feel the atmosphere of “Vive la France” which has sunk deep in your mind. Every tourist can find here a preferable activity: beaches, guided tours in historical places, shopping or outdoor recreation with the unique nature of Provence.

Travellers go to this country to climb the Eiffel Tower and enjoy stunning night Paris views, visit le Mont-Saint-Michel and the Palace of Versailles which was the principal royal residence. Going for a walk, enjoying the rest on the veranda of Paris cafes and ocean air, morning coffee, and bakery aroma will make your voyage perfect.

France is famous for its delicious and fine cuisine which is created of unusual combinations of food products: salty ham with melon, tasty foie gras with sweet onion jam. Every French region has its own culinary traditions. For example, in the south-east region, in Provence, olive oil and herbs are usually added to the dishes. In the eastern part of the country, the local cuisine is similar to German one: there are plenty of wheat beer brands that go together with small sausages and choucroute. You can also try well-known frog legs in local restaurants but they are extremely expensive - the main thing is to find out in which restaurant they are better to try. Wine and cheese are cultural heritage which has been created during the centuries in France. The spicy, sweet and fruity taste of wines is mixed with the astringent flavour of blue cheese.

France is popular all year round among tourists who want to see the legendary country. A moderate climate changes to continental and subtropical ones on the eastern part. Summer is hot enough (+20…+25 °C). Cote d'-Azur of French Riviera and Corse are better to visit in June-September when land and water are heated by sunbeams. The peaks of the Alps are covered with snow from December till the middle of May but the best time for skiing starts in February and ends in April. The temperature in this season does not decrease lower than −10 °C and the winter sun is good for ski trail. Famous ski resorts are Courchevel, Les Arcs and Chamonix. If you are planning to try skiing in one of these places, don’t forget to use passengers’ transportation services in France from the airport to a resort. It is very comfortable if you travel with small luggage.

Every year about 80 million travellers, the majority of whom will go back for sure. Renting a car with a driver will allow you to visit as many sites and important places as possible. Every region of this country is unique and will touch the feelings of even the most experienced travellers.