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Sometimes we can not choose where to go on a trip. So many interesting cities. I want to see everything to feel the unique atmosphere of this or that country. Some places harmoniously combine traditions and customs of several cultures at once. If you are ready for adventure, then we recommend going to Perpignan.

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Perpignan is the capital of Catalonia in the south of France. The city is 30 kilometers from Spain, so architecture and lifestyle have some features of this country. Mixing styles and shapes is felt at every step. Signs of shops, monuments, speech of local residents give a special charm. Annually more than 5 million tourists visit this corner of the Mediterranean.

In the historical center is located the ancient fort La Castille XIV century, built on the banks of the Tet river. In the castle with a high tower opened the art gallery of Catalonia, which collected the best collection of paintings and sculptures of national and foreign artists.

The palace of Jaime II is a symbol of Perpignan, built in the XIII century. On its territory there is an ancient chapel, throne room, donjon and royal rooms. One of the towers was converted into a viewing platform, from where an amazing panoramic view opens. The castle regularly hosts concerts of classical music, historical reconstructions and theatrical performances.

In the eastern part of the city stands Saint-Jean, which was built almost four centuries. Behind the modest facade is a lush and solemn decoration in the baroque style inside. Everywhere is stained glass and sculpture. The chapel of the XI century is preserved here. Local people often come to listen to spiritual music and hymns.

Perpignan has much to do with Salvador Dali. In the museum of Rigo exhibited a large collection of his works, as well as painting from the XIV to the XVI century. The famous artist decorated the interior of the main railway station.

Buses connecting the center and distant areas are running around the city. Opening hours are from 08:30 to 19:00. There are long-distance flights. Tickets are purchased at the ticket office of the bus station or the driver. You can book a taxi or rent a bike. Trains depart daily. The most popular destinations are Paris, Narbonne and Figueres.

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