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Transfer is a common practice, recognized throughout the world. On arrival at the airport, you don’t have to puzzle how to get to the center and not get lost in an unfamiliar city. For this it is enough to book a transfer in Lyon.

Lyon ranks second in terms of the number of people living in France after Paris. It is an industrial, economic and commercial center of the country. Attractions of Lyon are included in the list of UNESCO, and cultural life isn’t inferior to the saturation of the club. The city with a rich artistic heritage enchants and carries away for walks in the park or along the numerous embankments.

On the Fourviere mountain, the Lugdunum camp was founded several centuries ago, aqueducts and amphitheaters have survived to this day. Here, on top, is the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourviere, consecrated in honor of the Virgin Mary. Another interesting attraction is the Cathedral of Saint-Jean (John the Baptist) of the 13th century. On its territory, still working an astronomical clock was built a century later.

In Lyon there are about 100 squares, the most famous is the Bellecour square. Here there are the chestnut alleys bloom and a monument to Louis XIV, the "Sun King".

Also noteworthy for tourists and the metal tower Fourviere. It repeats the third floor of the Eiffel and reaches 85.9 m in height with a weight of 210 tons.

In the city often there are interesting festivals. In December, Lyon is visited for the "Fete des Lumieres", which was dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The festival is held from the middle of the XIX century, at this time each corner is lighted thanks to a paper flashlight or a powerful light exposure.

The Nui-Sonor electronic music festival ("Sounding Nights") takes place at the end of May. There is in the open air in the summer, at the Fourvière Antique Theater, people watch movies during the Nuits de Fourvière holiday, as well as the Cinematography Festival behalf of the Lumiere brothers.

The French propagandize a healthy lifestyle, especially in cities such as Nice and Lyon. Therefore, they are friendly to cyclists here. A special scheme of hire has been developed in the city and 200 bicycle parking places have been created. Land transport is actively developed: buses, trams, a taxi and four metro lines. Funiculars connect Old Lyon and Mount Fourviere.

But no matter how many variants of public transport, it is much more comfortable to rent a car with a personal driver. And to get from Lyon to other cities, book a transfer and on the