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For a tourist who first found himself in the French capital, the transport system of the city may seem like an endless quest on arrival from point A to point B. In order not to waste time thinking about how to get from the airport to Paris and not to spoil the first impression of the trip, we recommend in advance book a transfer in Paris on the site

Paris is the center of world art, gastronomy and fashion in the north of France. It is the most popular city to visit on a par with Nice and Lyon.

A string of museums and theaters, cabaret and bistros, churches and ancient streets won't leave anyone indifferent. There is the first Impressionist exhibition in 1874.

The city attracts tourists with its originality. After visiting the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower, it's nice to walk around Montmartre and feel the creative atmosphere of Paris. Go to one of the legendary cafes on Rue Mouffetard or take a look at Cambronne CafВ at Place Cambronne, where you can enjoy a classic salad bistro with traditional sauce, snails and Toulouse sausages.

It is worth a visit the world-famous Louvre and the Rodin Museum. There is a vast collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist works in the D'Orsay Museum. Don't be afraid of queues for tickets: it's worth it. The obligatory program also includes a visit to the cabaret: "Moulin Rouge", "Crazy Horse" or "Lido". It can't be said that you visited Paris if you didn't see the cancan on its stage.

When planning the route, don't forget to include in the cultural program a visit to the Gothic Notre-Dame de Paris, the snow-white SacrВ-Cœur and the classical Saint-Sulpice church, where organ concerts often take place.

If you want a dynamic holiday, it is worth recalling about Disneyland, the park "Asterix" and the largest aquapark "Aquabulvar".

The most common forms of transport among local ones are the metro, buses and trams. An interesting pastime is an excursion to the cycling "King Clovis", the design of which was copied from the Parisian facar of the beginning of the last century.

Sights of the homeland of impressionism and frog legs located too far from each other. In order to check how many memorable places during your stay, it is worth booking a transfer in Paris at the convenient service

Travel is an integral part of our life. So satisfied conditions for getting to know the new city is too important. See you in Paris!