Transfer from Paris-Orly Airport

The second most important airport, located 14 kilometers south of Paris, between Ile de France and Villeneuve-le-Roi. Every year Orly serves more than 25 million passengers. Basically, it's domestic flights. Over the past ten years, the number of landings and take-offs has increased by 350,000. There are only two terminals: south and west. Special free buses run between them, which also connect the railway station and the parking lot. Book a transfer to Orly Airport via, so you can easily reach the city center or hotel.

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Orly was discovered in 1932. Twenty years later it became the first international airport in the country. But after the discovery of Charles de Gaulle in the 1970s became the second. From here they sometimes go to European cities, the countries of Africa and Southeast Asia. It is known that night flights are prohibited, as well as transportation of more than 30 million passengers. From 23:30 to 6:00 the planes don’t take off or landing, so asn’t to disturb the local residents. Therefore, when any flight is delayed and arrives within this time, it is put in another airport.

From Orly there is a special transport to Disneyland. The bus "Magical Shuttle" runs every 45-60 minutes from 8:00 to 19:00 daily. To the suburbs of Paris such as Bagnolet, Durdan, Sèvres, Saint-Cloud and Etampes, it is possible by tram # T7. The journey takes 55 minutes.

There are several options for how to get to Paris. These are commuter trains RER line B. They reach the central station "Mitry-Claye". The most convenient and cheap route is a tram # 7: it connects the airport and the seventh branch of the metro. The journey takes 30 minutes. There are also buses Orlybus, only about 10 lines. If you don’t know how to get from Orly to Paris, book a transfer at Thus, you wouldn't waste time waiting for a taxi and will reach the city center in comfort.