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The best improvisation is prepared improvisation. To study the world with one backpack on your shoulders is romantic, but not practical. For example, you were in France in Brest, in the economic and industrial center. Where to stay? What public transport do I need to reach? Plan your travels in advance and enjoy your vacation.

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Brest is a dynamically developing city located on the peninsula of Brittany. It is one of the main naval and commercial ports of France on the Atlantic coast. There are many interesting historical sights and sandy beaches, attracting not only locals, but also tourists.

The symbol of the city is the movable bridge Rekuvrans, the most modern building in its area. It was created specifically to skip sailing ships. We recommend starting the tour from the Brest Fortress, which is on the left bank of the Panfel River. You can walk through the dungeons and casemates, inspect the submarine of the late XX century. The peculiarity of the structure is that it is still an active military base for the French Navy.

On the opposite bank is the Tanga Tower, where the Museum of Local Lore is located. Here you will find household items, clothes, fragments of old buildings from the beginning of the XIII century. Free admission. Then visit the City Gallery of Fine Arts on Travers Street, house 24. Among the collections of paintings, the works of Eduard Manet and the seascapes of local artists of Brest stand out.

The City Botanical Garden is the largest natural complex in the west of France. It was created to preserve endangered species of flora in 1975. Today it occupies 30 hectares, and specialists take care of more than 1500 plants. An open-air lecture hall is organized, a library is open, and greenhouses are being built.

It is convenient to travel around the city by bus. With the far regions of Brest connect 28 directions. Since 2012, high-speed trams and a cable car across the Panfel River have started to walk. Tickets are uniform for any type of transport, and are sold at stops or on the site of the company "Bibus". In Brest there are special shuttles that run from the airport to the central Rue de Lyon. You can rent a bicycle to arrange your own city tour. A taxi ride costs several times more than a public transport.

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