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Transfer is passenger transportation from airports and train stations to the hotel, as well as between cities. This is a comfortable way for those who travel or often travel on business. Driver of will meet you with a nameplate and will help with your luggage. You will comfortably get your destination. Going to Marseille, do not forget to book a transfer.

Marseille is located in the South of France on the Mediterranean coast. The city was founded in 600 BC, in size it is second only to Paris. There are Côte d'azur, the old port, the cobbled streets and Notre-Dame de La garde in Marseille.

The heart of the capital of Provence-Alpes-côte D'azur is the Old port. There are 14 more districts equidistant from the center. All sights are in the Old town, on Rilski Islands and near the National Park of the Calanques.

More interesting cities: Paris, Nice, Lyon.

Almost all tourists start their tour with the Central part, which can be accessed on the spacious Boulevard of La Canebiere. On the promenade you can spend the evening promenade, sit on the veranda of one of the many cafes to the rhythmic songs of street musicians. Just stand the boat is moored, some of them rent out. A great reason to go on a small sail on the Riviera. In the city you can see the houses in the old quarters, presenting the atmosphere of Marseille a couple of centuries ago. You can take a panoramic photo of the Old port from the observation deck of Notre-Dame de La garde Cathedral.

Worth a visit the Guildhall, built in the Baroque style in the XVII century. The building was built with pink stone, the facade is decorated with carvings, columns and ornaments – all according to the medieval style. Most interesting, there are no stairs between the floors. On the second floor you can get from the building, standing next to, through a small bridge.

In Marseille is the Chateau D'if, which described Alexander Dumas in his novel "the Count of Monte Cristo." It was built in the XV century. Since it is located on a small island, travelers get here by ferry.

Marseille is beautiful because the cultural program is in harmony with the rest on the coast, which is shaped like a Crescent. There are many beaches here, all of them are equipped with the necessary infrastructure. The season lasts from May to September. In the summer tourists can’t arrive on a rented car without a driver here: enter is prohibited. The available ways are by bus or by walk if you live nearby. The most popular beaches are in the area of Prado Park: Prado Sud et Nord, Borély, l'huveaune. This is a great place where a lot of hotels, water entertainment options, areas for volleyball, etc.

The sandy beach of des Catalans is located in the city centre. It will be equally pleasant to spend time on Prophète, the peculiarity of which is the white coast. In the North are the beaches of Corbière, offering the most scenic views of Marseille.

The indigenous people move around the city by metro, trams and buses. On the ferries it is possible to get from the Old Port area of L'estaque, Pointe-Rouge and the archipelago Frioul. A bike ride along the promenade or drive to the beaches. You can get it in the bike stations "Le Velo".

The most convenient public transport is the metro. Two branches work all day. Buses run until 21 hours, and trams-until 00.30. Taxi prices are higher than usual: the cost is calculated for landing, mileage and additionally for departure to the suburbs.

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