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Feeling of freedom and flight, a picturesque view of the ancient mountains, cozy cobbled streets, hospitable residents and gastronomic variety. For this reason tourists visit the resort of Batumi, Gudauri or Tbilisi. The ancient city welcomes visitors with a bright sun. In order not to get lost from the collapsed beauty and not waste time, experienced travelers pre-book a transfer to Tbilisi from the airport through the service

The capital of Georgia is located on the banks of the Kura River, which crosses the main trade routes between Europe and Asia. The city combines two different cultures, Russian and Persian. This is evident in numerous Orthodox churches, Art Nouveau buildings and monuments of modernism. Tbilisi is the spiritual, economic and political center of the country. History is everywhere, because Tiflis (the old name) is more than 1500 years old.

The symbol of the city is the mountain fortress Narikala of the IV century. Next to it is a sculpture "Mother of Kartli", personifying the hospitality and hospitality of the Georgian people. With this amazing feature, every tourist faces. If you get lost, you are held until you need a place, having time to tell where it is better to go and where to eat deliciously. Or help to find a transfer to Tbilisi.

The capital of Georgia is conditionally divided into six significant regions. Center is Old Town. It contains the main attractions. For example, the medieval Sioni Cathedral or the Surb-Gevork temple. The streets are paved with red brick, and the history of the buildings is several hundred years old, some buildings date back to the III-IV century. Local artists near their homes exhibit and sell paintings. It turns out an improvised exhibition, which adds charm to the eyes of tourists.

The Georgians have the Holy Mountain, Mtatsminda or the city of David. It has a beautiful view of the whole city. A special place is the Metekhi temple on the banks of the Kura River. In the past, the queen Tamara herself prayed here. In front of the building stands the bronze monument of the founder of Tbilisi Vakhtang Gorgasali.

The most ancient church is Anchiskhati or the church of St. Mary, which operates in our day. In the 12th century an icon of the Savior was brought here, making the place popular among pilgrims from all over the world.

On the dais is the largest temple of Tsmind Sameba. It is considered to be the main cathedral of the Georgian Orthodox Church. A majestic building with a territory of more than 5000 m² is visible from anywhere in the city. Everyone who comes here is happy, even cats who like to bask on the benches in the sunlight.

In Tbilisi, a convenient scheme of public transport. Therefore, there is no particular difficulty in how to get to Tbilisi. There are buses, minibuses, taxis and metro, which operates from 6:00 to 0:00. Tram and trolleybus lines were eliminated in Soviet times. The stops are indicated in Georgian. Buses move around the city, shuttles - to the most remote quarters. There are no meters in the taxi, so it's better to agree on the price in advance. Both the transport and the landmark is the cable car connecting the park "Ricke" and the fortress of Narikala. During the trip you can admire the colorful roofs of the Old City.

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