Transfer in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a small area of Great Britain situated on the Iberian Peninsula. Gibraltar shares borders with Spain in the north so you can use a rental car with a driver there. Place your request in two steps on the website or mobile app and choose the best offers from the carriers.

The area of 6,5 kilometres is a motherland of cultural and natural attractions. The cliff which was legendary one of the Pillars of Hercules takes almost half of the Gibraltar territory. You can get there by cable car (ropeway) or walking. From the observation deck, you can see an amazing view of the Strait of Gibraltar and the peninsula. There is also the Gibraltar Nature Reserve where you can see rare species of the apes and the ornithological observatory.

The pearl of Gibraltar is the Moorish Castle of the VIII century. It is the ancient building in the peninsula. There was a prison in the part of the architecture until 2010. The World Heritage Site is situated in the southern part of the peninsula and it is also a historical museum and the archives. It is worth to visit St Andrew's Church, the Cathedral of Saint Mary Blessed Virgin (also known as Limerick Cathedral), the Shrine of Our Lady of Europe and Lime Kiln.

One of the main yacht centres is located in Gibraltar. People go there fishing or for ecotourism. The climate in the country is mild and the average annual temperature is up to +16°С in winter and +21°С in summer. Use the passengers’ transportation services in Gibraltar to get quickly to any destination in the peninsula or neighbouring countries.