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The horizon merges smoothly with the water surface, the puppet white houses neatly stand on the coast, the smell of freshly prepared moussaka and pastiots is carried in the air. This is all about the island of Astypalea. In another way it is called "Butterfly of the Mediterranean". If you love Greek culture, we recommend you to visit the resort town on the Aegean coast.

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Astypalea is part of the Dodecanese archipelago, located near the Cycladic islands. This neighborhood greatly influenced its traditions and architecture. A quiet and cozy place is gradually gaining increasing popularity among tourists. Other famous destinations are Kos and Santorini.

The city was founded by the Italians in the V century. They built the Pera-Yialos Square, where the Archaeological Museum is located. In his collection are kept fragments of ancient buildings, dishes, clothes and ornaments from the times of antiquity. Also there are exhibitions devoted to the Middle Ages.

On the hills stands the Castro Palace is one of the most beautiful mansions of the Aegean Sea. He retained his original appearance to the present day. Next to it are the Evangelical Church and Ayios Eorios.

From Astypalaea it is easy to reach the thermal baths in nearby Talaras. To do this, we recommend that you rent a car with a driver. Visit the eastern part of the island to stroll in the National Park. Here you will see sea caves, stalactite grottoes and flowering citrus trees.

The main type of public transport is a bus. In high season, it runs from 08:00 to 23:00. The rest of the year, only 3-4 times a day. There is also a taxis and bicycle and scooter rentals.

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